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The Shadow
Despite their evil intentions, well role-played villains create a dangerous yet enjoyable atmosphere in the world of Ultima Online. Role-played villains can come in many forms. From the overlord bent on conquering the world to crafty rogues stealing from the wealthy merchants, they all add a flavor and richness to Ultima Online.

This week's story comes to us from the diabolical The Shadow on the Lake Superior Shard. His evil knows no boundaries and adventurers are wise to avoid his wrath!

A Year Ago....
* I require a human host. *

The Paladin held his viking sword firmly as the lich began to approach him. He had heard that liches are fearsome creatures not to be trifled with. However, his trip to Deceit had been fruitful thus far, making him perhaps too overconfident. The paladin swung his sword valorously at the lich causing it great pain. He allowed himself a small smile as the lich was starting to stagger. But, he did not hear the curse uttered by the lich until it was too late. The air around the paladin burst into flames!

He sheathed his sword and started to chant as quickly as he could, "In Vas Maaa...". The lich's claws disemboweled the paladin and his scream filled the dungeon before he collapsed to the ground.

* Splendid! This vessel is perfect for my needs. *

The Paladin's ghost quickly left in search of the nearby shrine and failed to notice the strange black mist that rose from the ground. The mist enveloped the corpse. The lich paused and then stepped away from the corpse as it could sense the entropy in the air and for the first time, the lich knew fear. The corpse gasped for air and its hands tightened into fists. Slowly the paladin's corpse stood up and faced the lich.

"I am The Shadow, Lord of Darkness.", it spoke.

The lich sneered at him, "I am K'Dsslok. Allow me to welcome you to Deccciet." K'Dsslok moved forward towards the Shadow and then everything went black.

* Curses! The strain of assuming this host was too much. *

The Shadow's eyes slowly opened and he found himself lying in a bed. On the table next to it, was a black suit of plate mail. Cautiously, the Shadow stood up and got dressed. The sounds attracted the attention of the skeletons guarding outside the room and they creaked slowly inside. Behind them was K'Dsslok.

"You sslept for daysss SSshadow. We thought perhapss awaken you would not."

The Shadow stood up and spoke in a demanding tone; "You did not kill me. Why?"

The lich grinned, "You are the SSshadow. Your pressence here hass been foretold." The icy voice of the lich would have brought fear to most mortals, but not The Shadow..

"Foretold? By whom?"

The lich continued to grin, "By the prophets of the Guardian."

* Curious. I was not expecting this. *

"Of course." the Shadow said noddingly. "Tell me more of this foretelling."

K'Dsslok began to speak of the prophets' tale of the coming Darkness. It would begin when disharmony would fall across the cities of Virtue. A man of Darkness would come to cast a great shadow across Sosaria. The forces of Darkness would flock to his side. Orcs, vampires, daemons...all would flock to him.

The Shadow listened to every word, including the fate of the man of Darkness. Fated to be defeated by a single Virtue.

"Thank you, K'Dsslok. I believe I have a destiny to fulfill."

He looked into the bags that once belonged to the Paladin and pulled out a rune.

"The Orc Fort?" An excellent place to begin. He continued searching the bag and pulled forth a bone helm. He looked upon his new face in the mirror. He sneered at it; "This is one face that must be concealed until the right moment." He places the bone helm over his head and chanted, "Kal Ort Por!"

* The Orcs will make useful allies, very useful allies. *

Let his tale be a warning to all! Beware the Shadow and his evil followers, The Knights of Sin. The Shadow and his guild are a part of a role-playing scenario on the Lake Superior Shard called "The Divided Lands". The Shadow would like to invite all those of ill repute (and of course, heroes of the realm are welcome as well) to The Divided Lands website at: http://dl.xrgaming.net.

Published: October 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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