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Kazola's Treetop Keg and Winery
Player-run establishments form the core of many Ultima Online communities. From taverns to dueling pits to entire cities, they are places to gather, share tales of adventure and meet new friends. For well over a year now, Kazola's Treetop Keg and Winery has provided the citizens of Great Lakes a place to call home. In this week's spotlight, Kazola and her bartender, Samson, relate the tale of one of Great Lakes' most famous establishments.

 "Kazola's Treetop Keg and Winery was first opened nearly a year and a half ago on the Great Lakes shard. Kazola, with the help of friends such as Sixx Moka, Shaitan, Tyr-anon, Garet Jax, Cassius Hartman, Dante Banewood, members of the Yew Town Council, and many others, established the tavern in its current location. Located under a large Yew tree just east of the Yew moongate, it quickly became a popular gathering spot for many of Great Lakes' citizens. Since its official opening, it has been host to many events, including story-telling contests, wedding receptions, quest gatherings, and many celebrations as well. This past March, the tavern celebrated its one-year anniversary and was honored by the presence of Lord British, who placed plaques on the wall inside to commemorate the event. The tavern has had over 13,000 visitors since the end of January and continues to be one of the most popular player-run establishments on Great Lakes.
"Kazola's Tavern lies in the heart of Arcodia, a small village encompassing a large area to the east of Yew. Other businesses and attractions in this area include the Arcodia Marketplace, Cernynnos' bow shop, the Arcodia Rune Library, Krista's Ranger Station, the Ethereal Emporium, and the Shrine of Balance.

"Samson, a bartender at Kazola's since nearly its beginning, relates his memories:

"Ah.. it was over a year ago that I first set foot into Kazola's Treetop Keg and Winery. The tavern had recently been renovated by the Royal Builders, and apparently her old bartender, Mallory, had completed her studies as a mage and resigned her position. I had heard that Kazola was seeking someone new to take her place, and I decided to apply.

"Kazola, of course, is the owner and proprietor of the place. She's been a citizen of Yew all her life, and noticing the lack of a place for Yew residents to enjoy an ale and hear a story, she decided to build a tavern as near to Yew as possible. She spent weeks searching for a suitable spot, and with the help of her friend Garet Jax, stumbled onto this location. She soon opened for business, and the place quickly became well known throughout the lands.

"Neb Snahk, a representative of the Royal Builders, heard of the tavern through the local newspaper and decided to investigate the place and its owner. After talking to Kazola and the tavern's patrons, he decided to support the Treetop and hired two exceptional carpenters to renovate the place. As a result of their amazing work, the tavern now has a cozy fireplace, a comfortable gameroom with a library, and a beautiful courtyard.

"Colban mormr Yew is the head cook of the place, and produces the best food this side of Britannia. He's been around nearly as long as I have, and makes a mean meat pie. He's the one to talk to if you want to know the latest news. I'll always be grateful to him for hiring on the lovely Delilah, whom I am proud to work with at the tavern. Oh, and don't forget to ask him for cookies with milk; those strange blue robed ones seem to be particularly obsessed with this tavern specialty.

"Christina, the tavern's animal trainer, is quite a memorable character. She loves to talk and many of the tavern patrons have learned to avoid speaking around her, as she is never the one to end a conversation. She does take excellent care of the patrons' animals, however, and many Britannians trust her with their favorite pets. For only 30 gold a week, she'll make your grouchiest dragon purr like a kitten.

"The first time I saw the place, I couldn't help but notice the huge Yew tree whose branches covered much of the building. On a hot summer's day, its shade was quite welcome. The tavern also has a lovely courtyard with hedges around its borders, a fountain made of fine Trinsic stone, and several wooden benches so you can relax and talk with a friend. Kazola was inside, organizing her storage room, when I walked in. We had a brief interview and she hired me on the spot.

"Since then, I've seen many an amazing thing happen at this quaint tavern in the middle of the Yew forest. Duels between the finest warriors of the land, thrilling stories being told and rowdy orcs drinking their ale are among the most memorable. And of course, who could forget the day of the tavern's first anniversary, when Lord British came to visit. But even the "normal" days are special; it's a wonderful feeling to see strangers becoming friends and having a good time together. And that's what this place is all about.

"Well, speaking of friends, more customers are coming in, and the ale's running low. I'd best get back to work. Stop by sometime and I'll treat you to an ale, on the house!"

You can read more about Kazola's Treetop Keg and Winery on their website at http://www.kewl.com/kazolas. The site also includes a helpful guide on how you can create your own establishment and information on how they gained official recognition.

Published: October 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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