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Opening Ceremonies
I had just returned from a bit of merchant shopping near Britain when the local town crier beckoned for all athletes who wished to compete in the games this week to head to the Abbey in Yew. I dropped my things in my bank box and hopped a quick ride with a mage to the city of justice. It was at this location that I was overwhelmed at the number of folks standing outside the Winery. Mutterings of "What is going on?" and "Where do we register?" were quickly quelled as Calum Carter, also called Grizzly, started situating people into a line in front of the Winery. A large line that would have wrapped all the way around the building with people standing on each other's toes it seemed. 

Grizzly quickly tugged a book from his satchel and started at the Abbey-side of the line. "What city do you represent and which facet?" he asked a young Tralap, all dressed in green. "Trinsic and Trammel!", Tralap replied. Grizzly noted it in his book and made his way further down the line. The line was long and the crowds grew restless, fidgeting a bit and such, everyone peered out at Grizzly. Some strange things happened while waiting for the registration to finish, many of which caught even Carter's busy eye. 

But Carter was strictly business as per usual and quickly made his way through the participants. The city registration has been set and the games are all raring to go. With the hundreds that turned out for the registration process these games are sure to reach all time highs in attendance. 

All events are held in Trammel. The calendar of events for this week is as follows: 

7:00 PM CST 
Foot race 
Fast on your feet? Show us your sprinting style and you could help place your town's team in lead! 

8:00 PM CST 
Horse Race at the Winner's Circle Racetrack! 
Celebrate the first race of the summer at the elegant new racetrack behind the Empath Abbey. Wear your finest, bring your betting money, and take part in an exciting race to show your speed and skill. 

7:30 PM CST 
Archery contest at the Sturdy Bow shop 
Available for teams and solo participants. No magic bows will be allowed to ensure fairness. 

9:00 PM CST - 10:00 CST Yew Abbey 
Lumberjacking race and Deer hunting contest 

The housing commission has declared this a day to place. There will be no games on this day. Good luck! 

All events will take place near the Winery, unless otherwise announced. 

7:00 PM CST 
Bear Wrestling 
Think you're tough enough to take out a bear? Come find out. 

8:00 PM CST 
Summoning Race 
Mages get ready to compete for glory and fabulous prizes! 

9:00 PM CST 
Boat Race 
Know your way with a sextant? Able to navigate the high seas blindfolded? Show your skill here. *Please note all contestants must furnish their own boat. A limited amount of sextants will be provided first come first serve. 

The housing commission has declared this a day to place. There will be no games on this day. Good luck! 

All events will take place near the Winery, unless otherwise announced. 

4:00 PM CST 
Tailoring contest 
Compete with other tailors across the land and find out who is champion! 

5:00 PM CST 
Drinking contest 
Come one, come all to the silliest contest we could imagine. We'll bring the wine and the party hats, you bring the endurance! 

6:00 PM CST 
Scavenger hunt 
All that glitters is not gold but you may find another few things to catch your eye. Collect your items and redeem them for points during this event. 

8:00 PM CST 
Bard contest 
Bring out your best stories and songs. Original works only, please. 

10:00 PM CST 
Closing ceremonies 
Awards will be given to the three top teams and a large celebration will be had by all to close the Britannian Games. 

Keep an eye here on BNN for complete and official coverage of the Britannian Games! 

Published: July 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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