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The Search
Long ago, when the world was much younger and times a bit simpler, a good number of people entered the land of Britannia and took the first steps toward defining Ultima Online. As the months passed many of them continued to learn and train, foster new friendships, and build reputations far across the land.

In this week's spotlight, we bring you the tale of Dadiolus Magnus the mage. Dadiolus, a man missing his past, is determined to find his true identity, only to find purpose in the new identity he creates along the way.

 It has been almost two years since Dadiolus Magnus awoke from his slumber at an inn. Try as he might, he was unable to recall his past life or even how he came to be at the inn. He noted he was attired in the rose-colored garb of an alchemist; in his pack was a mortar and pestle, an assortment of reagents, a small number of gold pieces and a dagger. Weak and hungry, he left his room and approached the innkeeper.
"Thou art at the Scholar's Inn of Moonglow, good sir. It is an island of Britannia dedicated to the elucidation of the arcane arts," the innkeeper told Dadiolus. "By the looks of thee, I should say that this would be the very place for thee to begin thy studies. But take heed, danger lurks beyond the gated walls of town. Thou must also study the mundane martial arts for thine own defense."

"Good advice," thought Dadiolus Magnus as he mulled over his future. "I shall develop my skills as I explore this world to find my past."

But it proved to be not as simple as all that for sales of lesser heal potions lagged behind the costs of reagents and Dadiolus had difficulty turning a profit in his trade. The solution to this dilemma spelled doom for the countless bunnies of Moonglow as their meat was sold for a few cherished gold pieces. As Dadiolus' skills in fencing and tactics improved, so did his cash flow. His simple robes were replaced by armor, shield, and kryss. Now goats, sheep, and llamas had reason to tremble. Dadiolus developed new skills in cooking and tailoring. The result was sufficient funds for enough reagents to return to the study of the arcane arts and to advance the pursuit of magery skills.

His quest for skills was accomplished through journeys the length and breadth of Britannia. Travel by foot, ship, moongate, and rune-stone led Dadiolus Magnus to each city and each shrine, with detours to the depths of dungeons and the expanses of the lost lands. Still, he was unable to learn of his lost youth, his personal history. There were other compensations, however. Acquaintances became friends, and friends became comrades in arms. Shared adventures forged strong bonds. Teamwork permitted achievements impossible for one acting alone. Nevertheless, the search for his past remained elusive.

Meanwhile, his magery had reached a plateau. A combination of research and trial and error provided the answer. Spirit Speak to raise his innate lack of intelligence was help. Meditation speeded his mana recovery. Evaluation of intelligence aided him in his contests against the magery of enemies. It took time, hard work, and the expenditure of thousands of gold pieces, but eventually Dadiolus Magnus was permitted to pass the portals of the magical city of Wind.

And now?

The passage of time and the gaining of knowledge have been accompanied by the accumulation of wisdom. Dadiolus Magnus has not only visited the shrines of the eight virtues, he has been imbued with their meaning. And with this wisdom, has come the realization that it matters not what happened in his unknown past. What matters is that he is prepared to face the future as a champion of the virtues, a protector of the weak and helpless, and a mage-warrior in the struggle against the forces of evil that threaten the peace and harmony of Britannia.

-Dadiolus Magnus

And so the tale of Dadiolus Magnus continues, as do so many other tales. He has evolved, from a young and inexperienced adventurer to a dedicated and powerful defender of the virtues and will continue to evolve as he journeys forward.

We will have spotlights each week during the month of September highlighting players' tales as we continue to celebrate the past two years of Ultima Online. Be sure to check out FYI for future spotlight topics.

Published: October 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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