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A Doorway To Darkness
The figure sat hunched over the table, dwarfing the miniature map of Trinsic that lay there. Candlelight flickered, the only illumination within the dank room. After waiting for so long, the figure finally had a plan…a doorway to darkness had at last been opened… 

Riodan looked down upon the tiny pieces that covered the map below him, and it was one in particular that caught his eye. His quarry. 

Smiling, he recalled the events of the previous evening…a night which had set much in motion. And would, he hoped, be only the beginning of the end… 

 “Citizens of Grimoire, you are challenged this evening. You must prove your worth to me, that you are worthy of my Master’s presence here. It will not be easy; it will be a test of blood that you must pass. Let us not talk of the consequences should you fail. 

You must choose a champion who would best me in combat. That is my test to you…the choice is yours.” 

And so, Dyastro Farkas…Mayor of Grimoire, stepped forward…blade at the ready…prepared to take the burden upon his own back. 

The combat had been swift, but brutal…both men choosing to coat their blades with a sticky mixture of Nightshade…a deadly poison when correctly applied. As if by some cruel twist of fate, both men fell that evening. But it was Riodan who fell first…his blood mixing with that of prior combatants…and quickly joined by that of Dyastro’s. 

But the test had been met, and Grimoire had succeeded in convincing Riodan of their worthiness. 

“Will you aid my Master?” Riodan puffed, his body bruised and shaken. “We will.” 

The bargain had been set. 

Riodan smiled darkly to himself and began rearranging the pieces…there was much to be done. 

Published: March 2001
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