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New Library and Museum to Open!
Greeting readers! In the news today, a new Library and Museum is slated to open next week in the lovely town of Magincia. Librarians from all around Sosaria have been discussing the new addition and vying for the position of Caretaker. Through some investigative reporting, I have learned that the new Caretaker of the Magincia Library and Museum is a young woman from the city of Jhelom named India West. 

The Library and Museum will be holding its grand opening on Tuesday, the 20th of March at 8 pm. Miss India West will be on hand to meet folk and a reception will be held out on the back patio. Mister Andrew Jollier himself has donated a pair of old vases to the museum that were excavated from the site of the Jollier Fairgrounds near Skara Brae. “I’m glad to have the items set on public display so that all may enjoy them,” stated Mister Jollier. When asked how she felt about the new library and museum and her position there, Miss West replied, “I look forward to setting up the new library and eventually leading some digs in hopes of recovering other artifacts that still remain buried throughout our land. I’m very excited over the prospect of moving into and setting up this new place. I do hope many folk will come to read the books there and offer donations of books of their own, and to enjoy the artifacts that we hope to collect over time.” 

Once again, the grand opening of the Magincia Library and Museum will be next Tuesday, the 20th at 8 pm central. Everyone is encouraged to attend the festivities and stay for a bite to eat and a story to share. Miss West is also hosting a storytelling contest and requests that all stories be submitted via a single book, purple or red and turned into her the night of the reception. The winner will be announced on Sunday at the Spring Festival being held at the Jollier Fairgrounds in Skara Brae. All other donations to the Library and Museum should be sent directly to Miss India West. 

Published: March 2001
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