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Death of a Monk
I bring sad news to the people of Sosaria this day. Rumors of the death of the monk and daemon hunter Teleburiel have been confirmed. An unknown assailant attacked and murdered the monk while he was visiting friends at the Sandalwood Box. An unknown source sent in pictures of Teleburiel’s visit and death and also confirmed the passing of the monk. 

Known throughout the land as a solitary figure, Teleburiel was the man who discovered the long lost monastery of Thurisaz located in the mountains northeast of Britain and south of the shrine of Compassion. The warrior monk was also known for his knowledge of daemons and how to destroy them. In his last days he was known to have just returned from a vigil that had brought him enlightenment about the undead attacks that have been occurring around the area of The UnRuled. He was also quoted as mentioning a new evil that was fast approaching and how he’d acquired a book that would be best kept out of the hands of those that served darkness. 

I spoke with some of the folk at TUR and it was evident that Teleburiel will indeed be missed, although his vision to rid the land of the evil that seeks to overtake it, especially in the realm of daemons, will not die with him. 

Cara Newsman: If you had to sum up who Teleburiel was, or what he meant to you, what would you say? 

Outy of the TURs: Well, I think I liked his stories best. He wasn't the most dashing individual. But from his stories, you could tell he once was. 

Ocelot Atross: He was a quiet, virtuous man. Always looked like 40 miles of bad road. Always fighting for balance. The man knew more about this world than I ever will and he STILL managed to put on his sandals every morning. 

Cara Newsman: I've heard that your town has been plagued by undead of late. Do you think they are related to Teleburiel at all? 

Ocelot Atross: I am certain they are. Teleburiel always had this... affinity for bringing visitors. 

Outy of the TURs: We are most certain of Lilibet's involvement in Teleburiel's regards. With creatures of fire and lava. But as for the undead... We've only seen sub-commanders...Undead toadies if you will. I don't think we know enough yet to say exactly who is responsible. Or their motives. 

Cara Newsman: I've a note here that mentions a Shifter and ravens. Hasn't each attack here been preceded by a flock of ravens arriving? 

Ocelot Atross: Ravens. Always ravens, aye. 

Outy of the TURs: Darn birds. 

Ocelot Atross: Why not chickens, they taste better. Many undead and organized as well. 

SaleM: Oh, aye. 

Ocelot Atross: Sometimes one or two leaders join the assault as well, and the attacks become more fierce. 

Cara Newsman: I have yet to confirm this, but it seems Teleburiel had some sort of book that a daemon or fell creature was looking for. Rumor has it that no book was found on his body, but that his heart was removed. 

(Skye MacLeod of the TUR entered at this point and I recapped why I was visiting and asked for her thoughts on the warrior monk Teleburiel) 

Cara Newsman: Miss Skye, did you know the warrior monk Teleburiel? 

Skye MacLeod: Aye I did, and we were so touched to see him the eve before his untimely death. My heart had leapt to think that perhaps he could shed light upon this most recent evil in the land! 

Cara Newsman: It seems that someone felt he most certainly could and took measures to silence him. Permanently. 

Skye MacLeod: He knew of this book she was looking for. Aye, and said was best for us to know no more - other than it was where she couldn't reach it. I can't believe this man... this sage… this esteemed Daemon Hunter was slain by such a scoundrel. I wonder what possessed him to seek Basil out. 

(Miss Skye refers to one Basil Stag Hare, member of the cult of the Black Dragon, known for his views on Chaos and social inequality. It is rumored that the “Shifter” asked that members of the cult find Teleburiel and assassinate him. Basil is said to have agreed, although sources indicate that it was not Basil that struck the death blow to Teleburiel, rather it was another gentlemen whose name this reporter has not been able to uncover despite the fact that many folk seem to know the man that did the deed. The “Shifter” has been seen in both raven form and that of a dire wolf and is believed to be responsible for the undead activities in the area around TUR.) 

Cara Newsman: The best of men can fall to the most unlikely of adversaries. I had heard they removed his heart to prevent him from coming back to life. The Lady Lilibet required it for something. I've not been able to ascertain what, though. 

Skye MacLeod: Could that be “the warm dark place that moves”? “The knowledge kept only in the heart of Teleburiel.” So Basil has this heart... 

Cara Newsman: So I have heard, yes. 

Skye MacLeod: I wonder if he has already given it to Lilibet? 

Cara Newsman: Although it was not Basil that struck Teleburiel down. 

Skye MacLeod: I heard.... and I refuse to mention the name of the one who did. 

Cara Newsman: I only get a string of cuss words when I ask the name, so I leave it as unknown. 

For all those that knew Teleburiel, our sympathies go out to you. We wish his spirit well as it travels onto the next life. Whether or not the undead attacks at TUR will cease or become worse is still unknown. How the Lady Lilibet ties into the picture is also unclear, although it is quite certain that she seeks the book that Teleburiel had in his possession shortly before his death. Until next time, may the Virtues be with you all. 

Editors comment: These images and this short letter were received after Cara turned in her article. As they appear to be related, they have been included here at the end of her report. Whether or not the details are correct is not clear, but the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks to our undercover agents for acquiring the letter and images. 

“They did some kind of ceremony up in that temple place. There were these fire elementals that were like, guarding everything. She brought Basil up there and demanded the heart that he had. She put it on this table and then this bird showed up. It was that Shifter. I saw him change into a dire wolf. I’m not real certain, but he didn’t look too happy that the lady had the heart and not him, but he didn’t do nothing, at least not at first. I could only hear part of what they was saying, being that I was guarding the entrance and all, but the lady was waving her hands in the air and the wolf seemed really upset over it. I think they argued for a bit and Basil said something, I didn’t hear it, and they stopped fighting. I’m not sure what happened next, but I think the wolf tried to eat the heart. It started flopping around on the ground and then it shifted into a daemon! Strewth! I saw it with my own eyes! 

 The lady laughed and Basil blinked a few times, backing away from the daemon. After I don’t know how long, the daemon stopped moving and the lady picked up the heart. She put the heart back on the table and said some more words with Basil helping. This shade appeared, I think it was Teleburiel, and told the Lady some things. 

I’m pretty sure the shade said this, “In ruins old with skeletal type, I lie hidden where feet take flight.” Then the shade said, “Strange fruit of the jungle dries, Upon straw mats drawing flies.” There was one more too, “Compassion pours into Despise, Behind the falls the treasure lies.” 

The lady looked real happy for a few moments, but then got angry again. She and Basil left shortly thereafter and I went home to write you this letter. Just watch your back, ‘cause I think if you cross the lady or Basil, it’ll be bad for all of us.” 

Published: March 2001
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