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Lilibet at Large
Today I bring you an eyewitness story from one of our artist correspondents, Milos. Young Milos was commissioned to paint a picture of the ruins where the gatekeeper has been sighted and is believed to be the place where Lilibet will go to retrieve her sister. While there, Milos received a nasty surprise. 

Milos: I was painting like I’d been paid to do. The whole area is fascinating and the webbing in the area makes it a challenge to capture the essence of the place. I did not expect to have anyone walk in on me though, and was surprised when I heard footsteps approaching. 

Cara: Who and what did you see? 

Milos: A woman, white of skin and dressed in red leathers. She walked over to the area where there are still some steps, pulled a dagger and cut her hand. Her blood dropped down onto the steps and I believe she was casting some kind of spell as well. 

Cara: Did anything happen after she spilled her blood and incanted? 

Milos: Oh yeah. This undead thing appeared and called itself the Gatekeeper. Made my blood turn to ice just watching from behind the broken wall. 

Cara: Could you hear anything that was said? 

Milos: Yes, the Gatekeeper asked in a hollow voice what homage was being brought. The woman handed him what looked like a heart. The Gatekeeper took it, licked it, and then tossed it back saying it was too sweet. The woman offered a second heart, which was also refused. The Gatekeeper claimed the second heart was too old and had already been chewed on. The woman asked the Gatekeeper to wait a moment and then headed off towards the mountain. 

Cara: Did you stay to hear more or take the opportunity to leave at this point? 

Milos: Well, I stayed. I wasn’t sure if that Gatekeeper was still around and I didn’t want to accidentally run into that woman and my picture wasn’t finished yet. I took the time while she was gone to finish up the drawing. 

Cara: Did the woman return? 

 Milos: Yes, after only about five minutes or so. She was in a fancy dress now with a floppy hat, but it was definitely the same woman. She had two paladins with her, both looked dazed. The Gatekeeper appeared again and said “This will do.” At his words, what looked like a hundred undead spewed forth from a gateway and dragged the two paladins inside. He then said that he’d send word to Selmatet to release the woman’s sister. The woman argued that she wanted her sister now, but the Gatekeeper said that Selmatet did not trust her and that she would have to return on Friday an hour after sunset to claim her sister. He said it was her choice, but that no matter what she decided, he was keeping her gifts. 

Cara: Thank you, Milos. Excellent artwork as well. 

Milos: You’re welcome, ma’am. 

What does this news mean to us? It is rumored that Iryn is the sister that Lilibet seeks to free, but others claim this is not the case. Anyone who would offer up two innocent souls for the release of another is suspect in my book. More than two, even, for she offered the hearts of two others as well. It is this reporter’s opinion that whatever Lilibet is up to, it cannot mean anything good for most of us. 

May the Virtues be with you all. 

If you’d like a first hand experience in meeting the woman, or finding out who her sister is and what price will be paid, be at the ancient ruins on the northern tip of the Isle of Fire in Felucca at 7:30 pm CST. 

Published: March 2001
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