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Out of the Depths
T’was just yesterday that the call to arms was issued in Britain as the sewers overflowed with vile monsters. If they weren't cleared out in due time, they might have overrun the entire city! 

My pulse raced as I slipped a leather tunic over my head and pulled my trusty broadsword from its resting place. The first of many trials began before I even laid eyes on a monster. You can imagine my trouble upon entering the sewer. Through the strength of my will I was able to overcome the sewer air that filled my nostrils, soon coming upon the second trial. A giant swamp tentacle grabbed me by the arm! I managed to cut a single tentacle before the others grabbed me. I struggled to remain concious as the remaining tentacles squeezed me before another adventurer cut me free. That's when the rest of the vermin showed up. 

 Giant spiders, rats and serpents came in, wave upon wave. Each wave more frightening than the last! After what seemed an eternity, things began to slow down. The serpents didn't squeeze as often and the rats bit less frequently and when it was all over I looked around. The corpses were piled all around me, monster and human alike. 

The threat had been extinguished; the town was safe once more. Many of the brave adventures went right to the nearest pub to celebrate the victory. For myself, I think I will be spending some time with the local healer. 

Published: July 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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