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The Undead Rise Near Yew
This time the call from the town criers concerned the city of Yew. “Large groups of Undead spotted in the Yew Cemetery”, bellowed the town criers. Once again I rushed to the site of the action and quickly found a spot to hide. 

The site was much the same as it was in Cove just a few days past. Liches, Wraiths, Spectres, masses of Zombies, and hordes of Skeletons. In fact, all seemed strangely similar to what had happened in Cove until midway into the battle with the vile creatures. From out of nowhere a Lich Lord arose that began to attack the mighty heroes. 

Several warriors engaged the creature while mages hit it with their spells. It was a hard fought battle, and the heroes finally defeated the foul being, but a few bodies lie scattered about as proof of its strength. 

Was this the leader of the forces? Did this occurrence have any link to the attacks a few days ago in the Cove Cemetary? Are there still more attacks coming? Let us simply hope that the brave heroes are available if the dead rise again, with their seeming-Leader among them. 

Published: August 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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