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The Tale of Aslana and Tawl
Through forming alliances and building trusted friendships, Ultima Online's players have created a prosperous and thriving online community. When two or more UO players pool their resources to work towards a common goal, there is little they cannot accomplish.

 "Twas it fate or a "spell of charming" that brought two together as One? Regardless, On that fateful day, in late fall, it turned into a highly beneficial union for both Aslana and Tawl of Europa.
As new citizens, after a private wedding ceremony at the Shrine of Valor, Tawl and Aslana made plans to explore and conquer the evils of Britannia while helping others along the way. The first part of their plan was to build a base of operations and so they built a patio house on the road on the east side of the Skara Brae docks. As a new couple, the first thing they worked towards was a ship to sail the seas, with Captain Tawl at helm and Aslana being the healer and supporter.

"It was not long before they were fighting wyverns in melee combat, with Tawl's marvelous quick footwork and Aslana's cures and heals complementing each other perfectly. With the success of the hunt for hides, they then planned for more self-sufficiency in the form of plate armor and other add-ons. To aid them in their quest, they indentured two hard-working and ambitious souls.

"Smithy and Lucky Lady were brought to Skara, each to perform specific tasks. Smithy was given an oven for the patio house and Lucky Lady a loom and wheel. They were both then given a small forge for themselves and eventually the freedom to make their own choices in Britannia after their tasks were completed.

"With Smithy mining from either land or the seas and Aslana scribing and acting as guard again, Smithy attained the title of Grand Master blacksmith and Aslana GM scribe.

"Aslana always thought one of the most interesting things about Tawl was that he was a "buddy" of the Lich of Yew gravesite. For pure challenge Tawl would often run up to Yew for a quick visit with the Lich and as a result on the deck of the patio house there sits four tall columns of crystal balls "donated" by the lich. When Aslana returned to the patio house to find the columns had increased in height, she would have to "punch-out" a training dummy made for her by Lucky her frustration boiling at the Lord Tawl's daring exploits WITHOUT her.

 "Together Tawl, Aslana, Quietone, Smithy, Lucky Lady formed a clan of great self sufficiency. With enough riches to provide loans or gifts to others, to help in Britannia all who crossed paths with them, and to plan for the future of sixty offspring that Lord Tawl thought would be a "nice number" to have as future generations. With the amount of caring and sharing Aslana and Tawl have done in Britannia in the ten months they have been together, they are sure that the commitment is firm and everlasting as the name on the door of the patio. "Forever and a Day"

Aslana and Tawl have formed a powerful bond, one that has passed the test of time. It is this bond that has allowed them to be so successful and prosperous in the world of Ultima Online.

As we continue celebrating Ultima Online's two-year anniversary, next week's spotlight will be on September 24th. This is the actual day of Ultima Online's two-year anniversary! As always, keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight topics.

Published: October 2000
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