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Undead Attacks Continue
Yet again the call went out that the undead were rising, this time in the Moonglow cemetery. I headed on down the road and saw a sight very similar to the last few uprisings by the foul creatures. 

Several heroes had heard the call and were rushing to the area to stop the evil forces. There did not seem to be a leader present, although the attacks were still very fierce. The attacks became so intense that at times the heroes were forced to retreat back and regroup. 

Many of the heroes commented on how much the attacks had resembled the last attacks at Cove and Yew. They awaited the arrival of a leader as they fought off wave after wave of undead. After what must have seemed like an eternity, the attacks ceased. No leader had shown up though and many present were curious as to why a leader had not appeared. 

What could be next? Where will the next attack occur? The heroes of the lands have been there so far and, despite some of them having fallen before the undead forces, they prevailed. Can they continue to do so? Will they be ready when the next attack occurs? Let us hope so for, if not one must wonder what might happen. 

Published: August 2000
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