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Wraith Lords Spotted In Vesper Cemetery
Most of the heroes from the last battle with the undead in Moonglow were relaxing, enjoying a little peace and quiet. Suddenly the town criers made another call regarding undead groups being spotted. This time they rose in Vesper cemetery. 

At first the heroes were not fairing very well, and some were slain. It seems they were not prepared for what they found. Unlike the last attacks, many Liche Lords were among the evil creatures. Along with the Liche Lords were regular Liches, Wraiths, Bone Mages, Bone Knights, Spectres and hordes of Skeletons and Zombies. 

Despite having faced several losses in the early part of the battle, the heroes soon arrived in even greater numbers. They had brought a powerful White Wyrm to aid them. The creature quickly tore through the ranks of undead. It seemed like victory was at hand. It came as some shock, however, when still more undead poured forth from the ground. Soon the Wyrm was being overpowered and before long it lay dead among the remains of its enemies. 

The evil creatures continued to rise as more and more heroes arrived on the scene. It was truly a magnificent battle that was being waged. Several Liche Lords and Bone Magi were casting spells about and many heroes were slain by their combined might and numbers. It had begun to look quite grim for the heroes. 

It is not clear what rallied the heroes, but they soon cut a path through the rows of undead as still more help had arrived. Things had finally taken a turn in their favor. It looked as though the battle was about to be won. 

Suddenly screams of fear rang out from within the graveyard. “Look out, it is a Wraith Lord!” Many began to flee the cemetery with the creature hot on their heels. Several brave folk gave chase and soon surrounded the creature. This was truly a very formidable foe. It withstood the blows of many and pounded out quite a beating as well. With the foul being finally slain, the heroes breathed a sigh of relief and began to mop up the rest of the undead. 

Just when it seemed that all was clear, another Wraith Lord appeared, along with many more undead. The battle once again ensued. It did not last long, however, as the heroes slew this second Wraith Lord quickly, using several powerful spells. The brave souls then began once again to clean the cemetery of the vile fiends. They then roamed the graveyard and assisted those that had fallen before the evil forces this day. 

Many commented that this must finally be the end to the undead uprisings. I am not so sure, however, that that is the case. Could there be an even more sinister being behind these uprisings? Are they even related to one another, or just random occurrences? What, if anything, is yet to come? Be wary where you wander, I say. For you just never know where they may rise next. 

Published: August 2000
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