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Moonglow Sees The Dead Rise Again
After my recent harrowing adventures in the lands of Britannia, I had made it a point to limit my travels and simply settle down for a while. However, after experiencing the absolute tedium of lazing about within the city limits, I decided that it was surely safe to travel again. I made up my mind to take a boat over to Moonglow to visit some good friends of mine. However, when I arrived, I was surprised to see that there were few people visible within the gated city limits. 

As I walked around the bank, the Town Crier began to shout out warning. Of course, as you already know, I immediately went forth to the graveyard to see what I could find out. Running as fast as I could. I arrived at the graveyard gates. Peering inside through the bars, I was astonished at what I saw. Masses of undead were attacking all who dared enter the graveyard. 

Worried that I might find myself in trouble, I ran to one of the Crypts within the graveyard, hoping to hide away within the tomb while the fighting continued on. Half terrified at what might happen next, I faintly heard a warrior shouting above the clashing of the many weapons. I wondered how such bravery could be shown, as undead continued to pour out from what seemed like thin air, crawling up from their graves as if they had awakened from a long slumber. 

Looking around the crypt, I saw that many of these brave warriors had fallen, and still more undead continued to crawl up from their graves. Wanting to get a better look, I quickly snuck out of the crypt and began to walk along the fence, dodging skeletons, zombies, and the most powerful of all… the feared Lich. Silently I darted back and forth, careful to keep myself hidden from the view of these horrible creatures. Warriors were dying; mages were bringing them back to life so that they might fight once more. All around me was death and destruction. 

Turning to my right, I was barely able to escape a missed blow from a warrior’s mighty sword as I made my way across the battlefield. Breathing a sigh of relief, I continued to watch from a safer distance. Little by little, the tide of undead seemed to ebb away, as the many warriors and mages pushed them back, sending them back to the underworld where they belonged. 

Seeing that all would be fine, I continued on my way back to the town of Moonglow. When I arrived, the town crier had already been told of the joyous news and was proclaiming the warriors and mages as victorious. Even a few names had been mentioned to honor the warriors who had fought hard and true, to keep the town safe. Once again, the same questions come to my mind : what had caused the dead to rise from their eternal slumber? Was this the last of the attacks? But, for now, good had prevailed over evil once more, and all was well. 

Published: August 2000
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