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How UO Has Impacted Your Life
Today marks the two-year anniversary of Ultima Online and the 300th year anniversary of the defeat of Mondain. To celebrate, we bring you two tales of Ultima Online players whose lives have been changed in ways that transcend the virtual landscape of Britannia. Ultima Online has a long history of bringing people together, whether as friends and companions or romantic mates.

Our first spotlight shines on Linda and Craig, who will turn their in-game companionship into a life-long partnership later this year.

 "It was about a year and a half ago, as well as I can recall, that I, Prydwinn, met Magus. We met through some mutual friends. I remember being asked if I would like to go hunting with a couple of guild mates, Saint and Demetria. I agreed, and we met on top of Nujelm bank. Magus was also a guild member, and I had not met him yet as I was new to the guild. We departed Nujelm and headed off to the Shrine of Justice. Demetria and Saint were newlyweds, and soon left Magus and myself alone. We began talking and learned more about each other. Soon we were inseparable. Approximately three months later Magus romantically proposed to me beside the beautiful river in Trinsic."
"This is where the story takes a new twist as I, Linda, soon found myself running home after work just to play UO so I could talk to Magus (Craig) online. We exchanged ICQ numbers, and soon phone numbers. We began spending hours on the phone last October. We arranged for him to come to Austin so we could meet and he arrived in Austin on November 5, 1998. We hit it off really well. It was the most amazing five days of my life. You hear tell of lightning striking - well he is the whole electrical storm. By the time he arrived home in St. Louis, I was already in emotional pain from the separation. He called as soon as he arrived home and we then immediately set up a time for me to fly to St. Louis. I flew there on December 5. I too only stayed for 5 days, but before I left, we decided we should be together.

"Craig had emergency surgery on December 28th and I packed all my worldly belongings into my Nissan pickup, and moved to St. Louis to be with him. We lived there for only a few months - too cold for this Texas girl! I became homesick and we have since moved back to Austin.

"He proposed to me in June, and we are planning to be married later this year. I owe all of my blissfulness to Ultima Online, and the world of Britannia. I want everyone to know how much Craig means to me, and that he is my life, my fire, and my world.

- Linda

Our second spotlight on the impact of UO highlights the tale of Diane, who enjoys in Britannia the active life she can no longer live to the fullest. She uses Ultima Online to expand her own life, as well as giving back to the community through teaching others.

"Hail all and merry met.
"My character name is Advantium. I have played UO for about two years now, and truly enjoy this virtual world. Before I tell you of my real life story, let me tell you that the true magic of UO lies in the depth of friends I have acquired over time, and the new ones that I meet on a daily basis. This is my magic.

"My name is Diane. In 1984 I was in an automobile accident and suffered severe back injuries. Over time, my back condition worsened, and no surgery could correct my problem. I found as time went by that my option of going out was being hindered by my back injuries. My social life was truly hampered by this, and I was depressed by it. My wonderful son brought Ultima Online into our home. *smiles* My life forever changed after this - for the good.

"In real life, I can no longer run, jump or play, even though I am 46 years of age. I am very young spirited. In Ultima Online, I can do all that and much more. I meet people every day, I run, I slay monsters and I help people to the best of my ability.

"Now, let me return to Lady Advantium.

"Hail again. *smiles* For about a year, I have opened a castle to the public in northern Minoc. It is a school for training newbies called Pacific Training Institute. We are about ready to celebrate our 20000 visitor to our school. Oh, and we recently got a partial blessing too. *smiles* The beauty of our school is watching the interaction of the veterans coming forth to spend time sparring with newbies, showing them around, and educating them of our virtual world , teaching them all sorts of things such as roleplaying, crafting, making gold legally and much much more.

"There isn't much more to add to this story without making it redundant. Just let me say this much please. I now have a life in real life, and this life is in UO. I look forward to the next morning; I log in, and run, play, mine, do alchemy chores, and whatever. This world has truly made my life much more pleasant. It fills all social needs that I have. The magic of UO for me is the magic of all the friends that I have made, and the new ones I meet every single day!

- Diane

Our spotlighted players have certainly pulled more out of their Ultima Online box than a mere computer game. They have expanded and improved their lives with friends and companions met in UO.

Our next Spotlight will highlight a tireless and brave Britannian hero… or heroine! Keep an eye on FYI for details on when and where to submit your tale.

Published: October 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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