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Plans for Trinsic?
T’was last Tuesday eve that the Coalition first became aware of my involvement with them. The reception was as I would have imagined; a forced smile here and there, however t’was the arching of a brow that became the most common greeting. 

But what else should I expect? A rogue entering the midst of those that are loyal to our Lord’s Virtues – and where is the honesty in being a burglar? But my report here is not the place for such arguments. 

After the introductions on behalf of Decimus, I explained quickly my plans for the evening: My sources with the various Rogue Guilds throughout Britannia had hinted that a spy of some sort was hiding inside of Dungeon Wrong. One who finds him or herself hiding usually has a good reason for doing so, and it was that which I desired to learn. The group of adventurers were quick to offer their help, and we quickly found ourselves standing outside of the dank caves northeast of Yew. 

It took only a brief search to discover that prisoners were the only living humans we might find, and one of them had to be the spy I was informed of. But which one? The choice was made more difficult when we discovered one of the prisoners to in fact be a raving lunatic. The most we could get from him was that bananas are his food of choice, and that the map I happened to find sitting comfortably inside of his shirt was nothing more than his pillow. 

Questions awaited both he and the pirate we found also to be imprisoned, but they both made a swift getaway after our party was jumped by a roving band of Orcs. 

Decimus, though disappointed that the men were not brought in, was pleased with the discovery of the map. Upon further inspection it was revealed to be a map of Trinsic’s Guard patrols…but as to what this all means, well, that remains a mystery. Had the prisoners not avoided capture we might know more. 

I leave tonight to speak with a Council of Rogues, to discuss this interesting revelation. Perhaps they will have more information as to who this madman and his pirate accomplice are. Or perhaps they are nothing but pawns in an interesting game of chess…in which Trinsic is the board. 

Who then, is playing to win Trinsic from us? 

Or are there darker plans at work here? 

Published: March 2001
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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