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Coalition of Might Assails Orc Warhorde
The Coalition of Might staged a pre-emptive counterattack on an orc stronghold near Cove several nights ago. The enemy force, mostly comprised of Orcs and Ettins and led by a crafty Orc warlord, was massing to march against Trinsic in a matter of days. 

The threat was an apparent response to past battles in which the Coalition had taken action against Orcs and other associated creatures. After several minutes of brutal fighting, the Coalition strikeforce was able to slay the Warlord. A cavalry unit of dragons and nightmares kept most of the lesser orcs and ettins at bay while their leader was fighting for his life. Let this victory be a lesson to the dark forces the next time they raise arms to attack the good citizens of Britannia!

Published: March 2001
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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