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Legends: The Tale of Holy Avenger
The actions of heroes are often remembered long after the sounds of battle fall silent. Whether inspiring others to brave deeds or infusing a sense of virtue, heroes of yesteryear bear influence on the actions of those who valiantly walk Sosaria today.

This week, Doragaar of the Lost Legion of Wind tells us the tale of a fierce battle in the earliest days of Britannia, and of the hero who led forth against darkness.

 "In the next few lines, I am going to tell you the tale of a true legendary Hero of Britannia, the soul and heart of many among us, my good friend, the Holy Avenger. This tale is nothing less than the legendary "pantless invasion" of Britannia, as witnessed by myself on that evening.
"That day, my lord was calm as usual, instructing the newly arrived citizens on life in Britannia. Soon enough, it was time for his guard round near the orc camp. Escorting the newcomers, he would give them a quick tour of the surroundings, while they would learn the basics of living in the lands. They were all equipped from head to toes, and ready to fight for their lands.

"Before they could arrive at their final destination, Holy could discern a small band of brigands causing problems to a few peasants. They quickly moved forward to learn what was happening. One of them, probably their leader, promptly challenged the whole Britannian court and announced that they would invade the castle on that very night.

"Soon, the rumor spread and people started to wonder for their safety. Holy Avenger took upon himself to organize the resistance, as murderers and thugs banded together and installed their camp outside of the city gates.

"It was dark outside that night, even darker than usual, and cold. My master, Holy Avenger, was organizing defense for the castle, as instructed by Lord British. Only a handful of seasoned warriors were brave enough to fight against the oncoming chaos. From inside the castle walls, we could hear the cries of innocent peasants being slaughtered. We were instructed to stand our ground and wait until the enemy was in sight. However, my master could not stand that carnage any longer. Clever and talented tactician, he quickly gave us orders and dispatched each of us into battle. Darkness emerged from darkness until we could not even discern our allies. Even outnumbered, the clever plan worked and we dispatched most of them, the rest fleeing to the eastern part of the town, killing innocents on their foul run. We reunited and soon started to hunt for them.

"At the end, we were able to free the town under Holy Avenger's leadership. It takes more than honor to act like he did, it take more than courage to take risks like he did. That night, he may not have been the only hero, but he is the one everyone remembers. He was their leader, the leader of heroes. Shortly after this epic battle, he was beknighted and was given the title of "White Knight" of Lord British. As far as I remember, Holy Avenger is the only one that achieved that much, and I am sure that a lot of us remembers that tale of heroic courage.

"That tale is just one of the many that I witnessed, along with his friends they are what Ultima Online stand for.

"Truth, Honor, Humility, Courage.

"That was in the dark ages of Britannia. Even now, I still follow his lead.

"Many took example on him being the first player to help others. His soul is still very alive and more are following his way day after day. We recently re-built the knightly order he started years ago, the Lost Legion of Wind.

"It is with great pride that we worship what he did and we try to act true like he did. We base our entire philosophy on his good doings and hope that even more will learn about this hero. I am sure that a lot of us remember that white-armored man dispatching evil wherever it lurked. I hope that, one day, another true hero will emerge to continue my master's work.

"Until then, I must do my part to enter the legend myself.

"Fortis, Fortuna!

Doragaar of the Lost Legion of Wind - Atlantic

When a routine afternoon quickly turned dangerous, Holy Avenger was quick to push forth in defense of the villagers of Britannia. And thus his legend lives on long after the day of battle.

Our next spotlight will tell the tale of a band of heroes. Keep an eye on FYI for details on when and where to submit your tale.


Published: October 2000
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