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Captain Blackhand Reported Dead!
Reports just in confirm that Captain Blackhand, the pirate said to be responsible for the recent brigand attacks on Moonglow, was slain recently in the town of Cove. Witnesses say the Captain ruthlessly attacked an old man named "Cranse" who was conferring with a party of adventurers just inside the city walls. This unprovoked attack did not go unpunished however, for it did not take long for the brave warriors and mages to end the violent life of Blackhand. 

Eleana Coriel, the woman whom Blackhand was said to be threatening with his attacks on the southern shore of Moonglow had this to say: 

"He was a wretched man, one who will nae be missed! Now maybe Moonglow will be see'n a wee bit of peace. Lord knows I hope to!" 

When asked why the party of warriors, scholars and mages were in Cove that eve Eleana stated: 

"We be continuing on in the search for the treasure of Captain Neb. I believe that ‘tis why Blackhand was following us. The treasure seems very sought after. Our last clue had lead us to Cranse, then to a buried chest outside of Minoc." 

"And this chest.. did it hold a great treasure? The lost treasure of Captain Neb?" I asked. 

"Nae... alas, it held a bit o' gold, some gems, and a very odd book written by Captain Neb himself." Eleana stated. 

" A book you say? Can you tell us what it said?" I queried. 

"T'was odd indeed.. Here.. I believe I have a copy with me. Ahh yes, here it be… 

‘Be wary, for greed can do to your heart what Wine can do to your head. In small steps you move toward your goal. 

You must

Eleana Coriel said she plans to meet again on Friday Evening at 9:00 at the Scholar’s Inn in Moonglow to discuss the odd warning found in the chest as well as search for more possible clues leading to the lost treasure of Captain Neb. 

Published: April 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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