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Ephphany and Franklin
Dauntless and daring, heroes often band together in honorable alliance to protect those who walk the roads of Sosaria. The good deeds of Epiphany and Franklin are spotlighted in our tale this week -- that of a pair of heroes who travel Britannia providing aid to those in need.

"Theirs was a match made in the heavens... the perfect team for doing good.
"She was a Grandmaster Warrior with a talent for sewing. He was a Grandmaster Bard who dabbled in the magic arts. Their names were legend throughout the realm of Catskills... their deeds in vanquishing evil were well-known... but their Compassion for others is what truly set them apart. It is the most famous of these stories that I relate now.

"The two heroes went to the Dungeon Deceit to see what foul undead creatures they could return to their graves. While wandering through the "bone room", they chanced upon a fellow adventure-seeker, one who obviously had little experience in the ways of the sword. He was being chased by 2 skeletons, and was close to death. He was screaming in agony, pleading with anyone who would listen to heal him. Acting quickly, Franklin used his amazing musical Peacemaking skill, playing his tambourine to calm the skeletons and stop the battle. Epiphany ran to the side of the new warrior, putting herself between him and the skeletons. When the effects of Franklin's music wore off, the 2 skeletons attacked again, more angered than before, if that is possible for creatures with no glands. While Epiphany made short work of the bony fiends with her prowess in battle and her trusty silver katana, Franklin magically healed their new comrade. Just then, a ghost ran through the room, screaming "OOooooOOoo!" as ghosts often do. Using the most powerful of magics, Franklin resurrected the ghost and called forth a blue moongate to send their new companions back to the town of Britain where they would be safe.

"Franklin meditated for a little while, regaining his magical energy, while fearless Epiphany scouted out the dungeon. She collected bone armor from fallen skeletons that she would distribute later to those in need of protection. After finding a treasure chest full of gold and other treasure, the two went in search of the bone magi. Once again, the powerful sword arm and battle tactics of Epiphany, combined with the cunning use of Franklin's magical and bardic powers made for an easy victory. Bones littered the dark dungeon floor. Once Epiphany and Franklin had all the armor they could carry, they returned to Britain. They gave the bone armor to anyone who wanted it... free of charge. Many a new warrior got his start that day, with a freshly polished suit of sturdy bone armor.

"The two have been known to perform other deeds of kindness as well, from the resurrection of ghosts to creating magical gates to transport those in need, to giving away reagents, weapons, and gold. Franklin once was a carpenter- many received free training dummies for their houses so they could train to battle the evil in the land. It is a rare day indeed when a person asking for help around the western bank in the town of Britain when Franklin or Epiphany is there fails to receive what they have asked for. In addition, they have slain the most foul creatures... Daemons, bone knights, liches, elementals... any terrible creature that threatens the life of their fellow man and woman.

"There are rumors about that the two guildmates, both blessed with the Admirable title, are getting married soon... if this is so, their marriage will be based on the Virtues, of this you can be sure. Never did two kinder people wander the lands of Britannia."

- Epiphany and Franklin

And so it is, this tale of Epiphany and Franklin, a tale of virtuous, heroic adventurers in the land of Britannia. If you should find yourself in the great honor of their company, be sure to tip your helm. And if your paths should never cross, remember their story and perhaps even follow their example - for the world always has room for more heroes. We hope that the stories of the heroes of Ultima Online have both entertained and inspired you all. Please join us again next week, when we begin to spotlight adventurers whose deeds and actions best personify the Virtues. And be certain to keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight topics, where you yourself may have a tale to tell.

Published: October 2000
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