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TheVirtues: Compassion and Honesty
From the principles of truth, love and courage are born the eight virtues, an important and enduring aspect of the Ultima universe. This month, we Spotlight individual tales of the virtues, two per week, beginning this week with Honesty and Compassion.

In our first tale, a friendly young lass named Quip unwittingly meets danger upon her path. As her visitor soon discovers, a determined lack of honesty can have consequences most dire.

Quip's Blessings
"Traveling south from Britain on yonder trail.
Was a young lass named Quip - young and frail.
She wandered and roamed on her way down,
from Britain to Trinsic, her lovely home town.
Now being from Trinsic, her accent's a drawl,
with statements like 'Hail, welcome y'all!'
"On her way south, she happened to meet
The Dread Lord Eyepatch, body at his feet.
He looked up in surprise and a little dismay.
He was so loaded down, he couldn't get away.
His evil life flashed right before his one eye.
"I must consider my sins!" said he would fry.
"He squinted his eye and took in this new stranger.
The 'newbie' sword told him, he's in no mortal danger.
He told her a tale off the top of his head.
The reason this boy was looted and dead.
He told of a battle of daemons and witches.
Embellished it with Dire wolves, Ettins and Liches.
"But alas, in the end this poor man didn't survive."
'Only me, his best friend, claimed the loot since I'm alive.'
Quip was amazed of this heroic tale of gore,
being a newbie, of course, she wanted to hear more.
Even though monster corpses could not be found.
Oblivious, that no blood covered the ground.
" 'Well, butter my buns and call me a biscuit!
If I'da stuck to the trail, I wouldn't have missed it!
I'm headed to Trinsic, the town where I live.
Tell me, Dear Sir! What aid can I give?'
The Dread Lord Eyepatch didn't want to be rude,
'My stamina is low, I could sure use some food.'
" 'You're in luck,' Stated Quip 'some bread I have found.
'From a nice guy in Brit, who followed me around.
Quip handed over the bread with no further talk.
Eyepatch gave Quip some stuff so he could walk.
They parted company and waved their final good bye.
Quip thought, 'Bless his heart, he's such a nice guy.'
"Now Quips heart is bright right through and through.
And sometimes it happens that wishes come true.
For she blessed a PK without even knowing.
Dooming his fate when he was going.
For his backpack was a mess from looting and killing.
'Butter my buns!? Muwahaha' - his laughter was chilling.
"With his loot and an evil smile he was recalling soon.
If only in that mess, he had picked the right rune.
The problem with being a Dread Lord and red.
Is that visiting a town can make you real dead.
So Quip arrived in town all safe and sound,
to a pile of bones packed with loot on the ground. "
-Red Dwarf

Our second tale this week is based on the virtue of compassion. Helping those in need and giving of oneself is an admirable trait in any adventurer. Our tale today tells the story of Elios, whose compassion for even the scruffiest beggar earned him admiration and reward.

 " 'Twas a glorious day...
"I had received a wonderful gift, from a wonderful person. Helping a lord in an escape from the clutches of an enemy guild, I gave him some spare reagents, though I had few. Later that day he met up with me at the bank.

'I thank thee for thy kindness from helping me,' the lord said. 'I donate to thee 6000 gold pieces, for thee to live on. Don't spend it all in one place!'

"I gladly accepted and after treating him to a feast, I went to rest at the inn.

"I found myself in a dream. The people were hungry, but I was eating gloriously. I laughed an evil laugh and then woke up.

"Sweat pouring down my face, I realized what I had to do. The next morning I disguised myself as a poor beggar, new to this realm. I began asking for help in finding a place to get employment. The greedy grandmasters of the skills nearly shrugged me off, threatening my life if I beg to them again.

"Then I saw him. His name was Elios. He was also new to this realm, but had experiences in others, for he had the power of dimension travel. He was wearing little, and seemed to be busy. I asked this fellow if he could help me. He stopped what he was doing and faced me. He greeted me kindly. 'What may I do for thee?' he asked. I asked him to teach me survival of these lands. He agreed. He took me to the wonderful land of Vesper, teaching me survival along the way. He helped me catch some game, and letting me have all of the share. Once we arrived, he took me to the bank. He told me where the Warriors Guild would be, and took me to it. He left me 500 gold pieces to train.

"I looked into his eyes, and realized this man was worthy indeed. I told this man to follow me to the bank. When we arrived I told him something. ' 'Tis people like you, who bring order to these lands, and teach the young lads how to survive. This may be a surprise, but I be not a poor beggar. I haveth been looking for people like thee. No where have I found such a soul. I honor thee, and award thee.'

" 'Twas now when I withdrew my 6000 gold pieces, and gladly gave it to the lad, and told him not to spend it all in one place. "


Join us next week, as we continue to highlight tales of the eight virtues of Ultima, bringing tales of Valor and Justice. And be certain to keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight topics. We look forward to hearing more of your tales of excitement and adventure in the world of Britannia.

Published: October 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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