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Ceridwen and Fieya Wed!
The flowers were in full bloom as friends from far and wide gathered in Nujel’m to witness the recent wedding of scholar Ceridwen to his beloved Fieya. A short engagement, the wedding was set a mere two weeks after Ceridwen's rescue from Xandrick and Grythak, two old and bitter enemies of the Britain librarian. 

The blushing bride looked radiant in white, offset by a clear, almost glowing crystalline band of unknown magical ability given to her by Ceridwen. The groom and attendants were clad in pale blue, the officiant in green. As the bride approached the center of the garden with her attendants, a look of shock filled the groom's face. Each of the women had a jester hat - including the officiant Cecilia. After a moment’s hesitation, Cecilia called the crowd to attention and announced it was time to "get down to business". The women put their other hats on. 

 Determined to keep the ceremony as light and cheery as the summer evening air, the pronouncement Cecilia embarked upon seemed anything but businesslike. Pitching the standard ceremony over her shoulder in a dramatic fashion, the officiant (rumored to be from Wind) spoke of love, nature, and marriage but kept the ceremony light and humor-filled. During the vows of Ceridwen and Fieya, she turned to Ceridwen and added "To have a finer appreciation for jester hats" in the middle of his vows to the delight of the crowd. With much ado and a dramatic pause or two, the couple was pronounced husband and wife; the skies lit up in a joyful celebration of fireworks and blessings. 

The rings? Glad you asked. We were able to get a peek at them before the happy couple departed for their new life together. His read, "I told you I could handle it -Fieya". Hers? "'Oh no you don't' -Ceridwen" 

After dining on delicious goods provided by Marisa Mordin, as she kept the tables overflowing with wine, meats, fruits and baked goods, the couple departed for their honeymoon to the fond farewells and best wishes of all. 

Earlier this week, Ceridwen announced his retirement from the positions of Historian of Britain and Curator of the Britain Public Library and will no longer conduct office hours each week. The newlyweds will henceforth live in the welcomed peace and quiet (in so much as this fine couple knows how, with their near constant, yet loving bickering) of the caverns of Wind. 

Many congratulations to Ceridwen and Fieya! May your new lives together be filled with joy. 

Published: July 2000
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