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Attack on Tavern Patrons!
Last night it seems Dlormor Jurma attempted to get Marisa Mordin's home! A call went out though-out the city of Moonglow "To Arms!!!!! Elementals spotted north of Moonglow heading for the Journey's End tavern!!" 

A Rush to arm and gather warring supplies ensued, many a warrior was heard "Are they fierce?" and the Veteran warriors were heard replying, "Aye, they can be if ye are not Prepared!" They rallied on two fronts, one from the north protecting the tavern, and one from the city's north gate. These intrepid warriors and mages fought with the passion of men and women defending their own families! 

A tamer joined the battle with his faithful pet. They fought through the waves of Elementals with a vengeance! Through the fight many a person did have to retreat to tend to grievous wounds, but returned with a renewed Blood lust. Many a soul saw their deaths come near and a few did sacrifice their life for the group. 

Why do these people fight against such odds? Tis it for fortune? Aye some do for the riches. Tis it for the Fame? Again some do desire fame. But most were there to protect the city they call home and the Tavern they have come to call a "home away from home' 

Is this the work of the one called Dlormor Jurma? Quite possible‚Ķ 

Published: October 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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