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Imaginative Creations
In this week's spotlight we are happy to showcase the imaginative creations of a few talented individuals from around Britannia.
"I have always loved decorating and finding creative things to make with limited resources. Fish tanks, pianos, hot tubs, wishing wells, fountains, flowers, you name it and I can make it. I can even make a wide-screen TV; although, gathering enough glacial staves prohibits me from doing it except on the Test Center shards. One of the things I have always wanted was a fireplace; however, and unfortunately, there isn't one available in the game for players to put in their houses. I have tried making fireplaces with cloth and benches, but they never looked right to me and I was never happy with them. Then one day, I ran across something that caught my eye. Someone had stacked large piles of ore next to a forge for some reason, and something just clicked in my mind. However, plain iron ore was too reddish to suit me, so I had another idea. By using a mix of colored ores (copper, dull bronze, and bronze), I could create the effect of a stone fireplace. So, with a large forge as the base, some single large piles of ore, and some cloth on top as a mantle (an interior decorator was used in the center section to raise the cloth level with the other two sides), I've created a fireplace that not only lights up nicely at night, but one that I'm truly proud of as an original creation."

-Rose Red of Chesapeake

"My name is Moonstone (Brigid, LFE). I own a rather large vendor shop (over 20 vendors) that is located four houses west of the Britain Crossroads in Felucca, on the Atlantic Shard. 

"I noticed the lack of bathrooms in UO, so one day I designed one of my own. It has a sink, bathtub, toilet, towel rack, tile floor and dripping faucets. I love to decorate! It is just one more aspect of this game that I have enjoyed for the last 29 months."

-Moonstone of Atlantic

"Originally, I created the lava lamp when I was creating a lab in my tower one bored afternoon. I was trying to design a kind of alchemy theme. With very little in the way of alchemy rares, I used various items, including hangover remedies. Although, I wasn't sure what to put in the corner, so I sat in my room staring at my lava lamp on the shelf. Before long, I was devising a way to build one in my lab, using the small pillows I've collected to make the central column for the pillars, and some entrails I had found on the street earlier that day. Using black dye and the interior decorator tool, I set about building a lava lamp in the corner of my lab. After doing a little experimenting with special dye tub colors, I set my heart on a deep red. A few months later, I demolished my old lab and replaced it with the simpler version you see now, but I built a second lava lamp to finish the room. If only the entrails moved it would be brilliant!"

-Lord Lemo of Europa

"While living in my new home, I came to the realization that I wanted to do more than just spread the virtues. I wanted to decorate houses. I saved my money and finally bartered a trade for a large tower. I established the guild, House Decorators, Inc., from my new tower and set to work on decorating it. The tower is now a decoration showcase created for the purpose of sharing decorating ideas and techniques with all decorators.

"The tower's four floors display a variety of work. Most notably is the third floor which contains the Royal Interior Garden that is shown in the picture, as well as a small office for business deals. The garden is composed of a large waterfall that falls into a small pond and forms a stream through the rocky terrain. On either side are grassy areas to sit and view the waterfall or the vegetation that grows around it.

"For many years to come, we will be here, providing the best decoration showcase available."

-Swamp Thing of Napa Valley

Join us next week as we share ghostly tales from around Britannia. And as always, keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight topics!

Published: October 2001
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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