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Lord British Abducted!
All of Britannia is in a state of shock at the news that Lord British has been abducted. He and his small group of men were ambushed some where north of the dungeon Shame. Dupre, Paladin of Trinsic, said today that a large group or Orcs and Mongbats attacked British’s group and that the one known only as Keeonean was seen seizing British and then vanishing into thin air. 

British had been traveling by foot and not via magical means. Nystul, the court mage, had suggested that Minax may be able to disrupt gate travel and, in effect, trap a traveler in between destinations leaving them caught in the Ethereal Void. 

Sir Geoffrey and Shamino are at this very moment searching the area for any sign of Lord British. Dupre himself will now be focusing on retaking Trinsic. 

Published: March 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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