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Faramir and Favienne
Gazing back in reflection over the last year in Ultima Online, we may each fondly remember a special person who reached out beyond the boundaries of Britannia to touch our lives. These extraordinary people may change the way we view ourselves, our lives, or the world around us, and without them the world would be a lesser place.

This week our spotlight shines upon Fabienne, whose mere presence changed the life of the warrior, Faramir and helped him to view Britannia in a new light.

 "When I met her, I be an Arms Trainer fer them Guardsmen Militia in Yew (Europa Shard). Me life was consumed wi' battlin' Orc clans, Undead, Murderer's, an' Brigands of all types. 'Twas such o' big part o' me life tha' I hae' became jaded, an thought Britannia consisted only of this manner of scum. Through her, I hae learned to see the fairer side o' Britannia and them people.
"Aye, change me she did. More completely than I could ever imagine!

"This be them story o' how I met her, battled atween me love fer her an loyalty to me guild, an finally, how I devoted meself completely to her.

"I am a warrior and nae a man of letters. I do nae normally write such things. My only explanation be that perhaps, the depth of me love inspired the spirit of some Bard long dead, an he took control o' me quill an gave me these words I sought.

"Here then, is the Tale of Fabienne & Faramir:

"I will tell you a tale of love and of fate.
I will tell you a tale; from my heart it comes straight.
We met across shield. We met across blade.
And in that same moment, our destiny was made.

"We were both in the Militia, both in the Guard.
We were both sworn to battle, be it easy or hard.
In the Guardsmen Militia, an Arms Trainer was I.
'Twas my guild and my life, when she first caught my eye.

"I watched as she mastered the skills that I taught.
I watched 'til her face, was ever in my thought.
She battled beside me upon fields of war.
Whilst I battled my feelings, 'til I could battle no more.

"Yet my loyalty did blind me to that which was near.
And she needed to leave me, ere I felt her so dear.
I sat and I pondered, in the darkness of night.
How could I reclaim her, this one who is my light?

"So our pigeons flew forth, and yea they flew straight.
And it soon came to pass, that we set aside a date.
From the docks of fair Trinsic, did we then sail.
My first step 'twards destiny, I would not again fail.

"We boarded my ship, and sailed out on the sea.
Then decided to stop, at an Isle we did see.
After battling some creatures, and slaying them dead,
'twas on the beach of that Island, that we broke our first bread

"We ate and we spoke, we smiled and we glanced,
as I looked then upon her, oh my heart, how it danced.
The time how it passed, I do not ken or perceive,
but ere I even knew it, had come time to leave
"Returned to fair Trinsic, we bid each farewell.
I felt like a schoolboy, and wanted to yell!
So I danced on the dock, and ran in the street,
shouting out words of joy, to those I did meet.

"She went back to her forests. I went back to the Guard.
My loneliness grew fast, though I tried very hard.
My tasks were as burdens, my duty confused.
Yet my life as I'd known it, I could not refuse.

"The moons made a cycle, 'ere we met the next time.
'Twas in the northern forests, on an evening so fine.
She led me to a place, where the waters fall down.
We spoke of many things, in this glade far from town.

"I told her of my life, and how I though it should be.
I turned, took her hand, and asked her to see.
How the Guards were my life, from my first day in Yew.
And blamed loyalty and honor and there was naught I could do.

"Yet at that very moment, when I chanced look in her eyes.
I was cut to my very core, and then did realize.
My guild would live without me, and I without it as well.
But to deny my love for her again would land me in Hell.

"My heart then took hold, and my soul became still.
I found then the courage, to live as I will.
I resigned from my guild, as I drowned in her eyes.
Thus began our life together as I said my good-byes.

"The woman is Fabienne, my name 'tis Faramir.
For her I left everything, I thought I held dear.
I would have you all know this, I would have you all see.
So I tell you this tale of how our love came then to be."

- Faramir
Keeper of the Flame
Fellowship of the Eternal Dragon

Join us next week, as we Spotlight the Chesapeake Olympics. Keep an eye out for future spotlight topics, as we look forward to hearing more of your tales of excitement and adventure in the world of Britannia.

Published: October 2000
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