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The All-Britannia Olympics
Our spotlight this month focuses on the All-Britannia Olympics, run by the Chesapeake Council of Virtues. Open to all, this player-run event on Chesapeake shard celebrates the spirit of the virtues in a series of challenges and competitions designed to appeal to competitors from all of Britannia. Today, the members of the CcoV share with us some of the history behind this unique event.

"The Chesapeake Council of Virtues [CCoV] is a multi-guild alliance for the betterment of the Chesapeake shard. Together Auldrek, Trigg, Lord Lion Heart, and Lady Angel Storm worked to found the basis of what the CCoV is today. These four people had all been planning to create an organization by themselves, little did they know, each one of them had the same idea at the same time. They soon came together and created a guild of guilds to host events and promote the virtues.
"Auldrek was the guild master of a guild known as the TDD, Lord Lion Heart the guild master of the CBR, Trigg the guild master of KEF, and Angel Storm the guild mistress of CBR and the daughter to the Mayor of Corwyn. Together, they diligently worked to create the CCoV.

"During this time the Followers of Armageddon were wreaking havoc upon Britannia. Warriors and nobles of all kinds were canvassing the lands to guard what needed to be saved. These four people realized that order was desperately needed if anything was to come from things such as this. Guilds from all around Britannia were called in, numerous discussions were held. In no time flat, the foundation for the CCoV was set. The guild of guilds was created to uphold and protect the virtues.

"Since the FoA, the CCoV has shifted its attention to spreading the word and essence of the virtues across Britannia. What better way to reach many people at once, than to hold an event? Events bring people of kinds together through joy and celebration. So the CCoV decided to hold as many events as possible, as well as working behind the scenes with many people, guilds, and cities to hold events and quests of their own. The CCoV's greatest achievement by far is the CCoV All-Britannia Olympics.

"The CCoV Olympics are a chain of events spanning several weeks. Often, two or three events are held on a single day. During the first Olympics, each virtue's corresponding city was assigned as a team. The heads of each CCoV council were appointed team captains; each of these cities could then recruit team members and engage in good-spirited competition. Thus was the start of the CCoV All-Britannia Olympics.

"The Olympics were to be held every six months, and the first Olympic games were held in May 1999 after many months of planning and preparations, and lasted just over a week. The teams competed in various events such as, a mage battle, relay races, a baking contest, and a paladin's battle. Each team was assigned a specific colour and a "battle cry." Each of these was significant, as they were the colour of the team's virtue stone, and the mantra of each virtue. (For example, team Yew's colour was green, and their battle cry was "Beh.") There was no limit to how people many could join, you could even show up the day of the event and participate. The Olympics proved to be such a success that the gods awarded the gold medal winners with one-of-a-kind medals! Now, because of the success of the first Olympic games, the second Annual Olympic games were just held and were a far bigger success!

"The 2nd Olympic games saw 208 citizens pre-register, and many more who joined in on the events in the last few moments each night. Lasting 18 days with over 24 separate events, this was truly a heroic undertaking.

"Sitting behind the scenes, putting in endless manpower and time to create and run these events are the following persons:

Mistress of Ceremonies, Seat of Virtue: Angel Storm of CBR and Corwyn.

The City of Trinsic: headed up by Ramke Leonah of KV (CCoV Council of Honour).
The City of Moonglow: headed up by Azazel of UOSS (CCoV Council of Honesty).
The City of Britain: headed up by Lord Lion Heart of CBR (CCoV Council of Compassion).
The City of Minoc: headed up by Trigg of KEF (CCoV Council of Sacrifice).
The City of Skara Brae: headed up by Sir Robin of Corwyn and Trenton McLeod of CBR (CCoV Council of Spirituality).
The City of Magincia: headed up by Auldrek of Shadowcove (CCoV Council of Humility).
The City of Jhelom: headed up by Boris Pallenburg (CCoV Council of Valour).
The City of Yew: headed up by Marilla of TS (CCoV Council of Justice).
Mayor Winfield of PaxLair holds the seat of balance.

"Without these people the Olympics would not be possible!

"The people of Britannia weren't the only ones who attended the Olympics. Several gods and important persons came and watched the competitions wage as they displayed themselves in all their glory. Our thanks to Calandryll, Lead Counselor Rmageddon, Elder Counselor Mindtrip, Elder Geryn, SRC Pegbytr, and Arch Companion Morgana for their support throughout the event.

"Twice, the CCoV All-Britannia Olympics have drawn players together in community and spirit to promote the virtues in an exciting event for all involved.

"Now the question is...
Will you be there for the third?"

- Auldrek, Azazel and Angel Storm

The CCoV pages can be found at http://angelsrealm.net/ccov.

Join us next week when we spotlight the City of Destiny, a player-run city on Lake Superior shard. Be sure to keep an eye on FYI, where we'll announce future spotlight topics. We look forward to sharing more tales of your adventures in the world of Britannia.

Published: October 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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