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The City of Destiny
The community of Ultima Online is strengthened by the relationships grown over the years in the world of Britannia. Be they friends, family, guilds or more diverse groups, the people of Ultima Online have been drawn together throughout history. This week, we spotlight one of these groups, residing on the Lake Superior shard, but well-known throughout many shards: the Player-Run City of Destiny.

 “’Hail, friends! Come closer.’ The young, blond girl motions in a conspiratorial manner. ‘I have heard that you wish to know of the fair town of Destiny. Well, who better to tell you than I? You do not know me? My name is Laurylnn. I am…’ she curtsies, giving a flourish of her hand and a mysterious smile, ‘just a bard.’
“‘Hmmm. Time is short, so I will tell all I can before you must go. Come, sit on the steps of the Knight’s Pub and enjoy one of the fine ales. Cromwell, Lord of the Knights of the Forgotten Way (KFW), owns this establishment. If you wish to meet anyone in Destiny, just sit here for a while and they will eventually come by. The pub has a rich history. Long ago, only eight Knights lived in this lone building, sharing a few chests and defending the virtues. They were looted and attacked on a daily basis, but they all banded together and helped each other. But that was years ago. Now, they are fifty strong and serve as elite defenders of the town. There’s Atli Ironfist. He is the Captain of the KFW Guards.’ She waves at a red haired man. ‘The other man is Crimson Wonder, KFW Master of Battle. They help keep Destiny safe. Today, the pub no longer houses Knights, but food and drink instead. Occasionally, Grandmaster chef Tisroc (may he live forever!) cooks up some of his savory dishes. Nothing is finer than his Rosemary Grilled Chicken! The action, excitement and camaraderie still remains the same as the old days; but now, the Knights are wealthy and have built all of this.’ She gestures to a mass of buildings that sprawl out beyond a beautiful green lawn. ‘Oh, do you like the lawn? The pub lawn is a place where all gather to spar and talk. There is always excitement there.’

“‘Long ago, the Knights banded with a sister guild, the Travelers of Destiny. ToD exists to this day as a merchant guild composed of over twenty of Sosaria’s finest craftsmen. They are the ones responsible for the well-stocked shops that you see before you. Nara Slayer, the guild mistress, keeps them all in check. She certainly cracks the whip when she sees lazy merchants.’ She laughs and points out several buildings. ‘To the east are the Bowery Shop, Healer’s Hut, Alchemy Shoppe, Magic Mall, Salty Hammer, and other shops. The Salty Hammer houses a crafts workshop and the LewS Therin Memorial library. A rune to every single treasure spot is there. If you contact Jaoshim, he will arrange for you to use whichever ones you need. The Destiny shops are wonderful, since most of them are stocked by item type. No hunting for a particular vendor because there are many vendors in the same shop who carry the same type of stock! The Travelers set pricing so that you can find an item at a fair price without having to waste time comparison shopping.’

“‘South of the road are the Temple of Virtues, Training Hut, Mining House, Library and more shops to support those who mine along the mountain range to the south. Father Elkwood runs the Temple, and many citizens take shelter in the warmth of the virtues at night. Chino is our librarian. He has managed to house a fine collection of books in the Library. Last month, he had a wonderful writing contest that was won by our new citizen Hezekiah. The story is on display now. Off the lawn to my left is the Armory and to the right is the Mayor’s Office. Dren Jootz is a good mayor. He’s the one dressed in teal. He is always working to keep the town running smoothly. He’s adding another citizen to the stone right now. Last I heard, Citizens of Destiny (Des) numbered over 120! He has been busy ever since he and Cromwell, along with the original Knights and Travelers, built Destiny.’

“‘Let’s see, what else? To the east, Finer Things sells luxury items. Destiny Gap sells clothing and reagents. The Traveler’s Inn and Heph and Imp’s Scribble shop both opened recently by the Mage Tower. We have two towers in Destiny. This one by the Mayor’s Office is the Mage Tower. Many events are held on the tower roof. It also houses a nice rune library and the Hall of Leaders. If you wish to know who our leaders are, go look at their names inscribed upon the books. The leaders can help you solve any problems you have in Destiny. Dren, Cromwell, Bleddig the Boar, Malock & Nara Slayer, Berek Halfhand, Highlander, Telzarn, Galahad, Katrina, Jaoshim and Marina are all leaders right now. Behind the Mage Tower is The Museum of Antiquities and Rarities. Bleddig is the curator. He has spent much time and money to collect many rare items of Sosaria. It is an exquisite collection and is called ‘the crowning jewel of Destiny.’ You really must go see it later!’

“‘Romance? Intrigue? Oh, you wish for the juicy stuff. Well, Destiny has no lack of excitement. Recently, we had our first wedding. Queen Direwolf and Cassric Scion were wed in a beautiful Destiny ceremony. This week, Wallis Gerard has chosen to have her reception in our own pub, and she is not even a citizen! Oh, and see over there?’ She points to an armored man with a goatee and soft, brown curly hair. ‘There is General Galahad. The pretty, young girl with the blue-black hair by his side is Katrina. The two are inseparable, you know. Rumor has it that soon there will be a wedding between two of the Knight leaders. Galahad used to date my sister, Lamia D’Adrom. He broke it off very poorly, and she is most upset. Bad for him because she can be quite,’ she looks around before speaking, ‘vengeful. Oh? You have heard of her? I guess the burlesque that she did for Cassric’s bachelor party has generated quite a reputation.’

“‘Ah, and then there is the fighting. See those hooligans? They are DW, also known as Destiny Wars. They are a rough bunch, always causing a stir with their fighting. Telzarn runs the rowdy lot of them. He’s the pretty one wearing the dress.’ She shakes her head and sighs. ‘He’s one that I will never understand. He’s been a Knight forever, but the lust for battle and his somewhat unconventional style of dressing caused him to start up that motley crew of twenty-three ruffians who long for constant battle.’

“‘Of course, there are many other things going on. Galrond runs the events committee. Several members work hard to provide tournaments, craft workshops, museum benefits, treasure hunts, parties and other entertainment. There’s Marina now!’ She waves at a lady with light green hair. ‘She was newly elected as our town representative to the Destiny City Council.’

“‘Well, I fear that I have kept you long enough. I will allow your leave, only with the promise that you will come back to visit us soon. There’s always excitement, friendship, stories and good ale waiting for you here. Adieu, my new friends. It seems that you have found your Destiny.’”

- Laurylynn, the Bard

Destiny has been an official town for six months and has grown entirely through the efforts of the citizens. The populace is composed of several guilds and special interest groups, boasting over 200 citizens.

You can read more about Destiny, its laws and the shops of the town at http://www.calamity.net/Destiny.

Please join us next week, when we present the winners of our Britannian Holiday Artwork Contest! As always, keep a close eye on FYI for our future Spotlight topics. We look forward to hearing all of the epic tales of your adventures in Ultima Online.

Published: October 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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