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City of Deepwater
Nestled quietly along the Bay of Justice lies a collection of buildings of stone and wood. Within these homes and shops and taverns resides a group of people who have joined together to create a community. A community grown, governed, and improved by the inhabitants. A community of events and gatherings, and of friendship. This week, we spotlight this community of the Europa shard: the player-run City of Deepwater.

 “I arrived late that day. Fauna the Innkeeper was just cleaning the patio tables outside the Owl’s eye tavern and gave me a quick nod as I stopped by Daryl to hand him my horse for safe keeping. He charges a reasonable amount and I do not have to constantly worry that Khasar would become dinner for the orcish party that every so often charges into our town looking for provisions and fresh blood.
“I hurried to my office above The Merry Trader and clumsily got out of the plate armor that has already started to wear heavy on my shoulders. I needed a rest, yet fate has scheduled something else for this evening. I heard a hard knock on the door, and as I opened it I saw Burrator the Warrior and Long John Silver the Pirate standing on the front steps. They said that Dardan and Morwen, leaders of our town, were getting ready to make a public statement at the Bard’s College. That, of course, I could not miss.

“I ran to the Fighting school on the other side of the Bay of Justice and shoved through sparring warriors to give my old friend DarkForge my battle gear so that he might repair it while I was at the meeting.

“As I arrived at the Bard’s College, Dardan and Morwen were already holding their speech. I sat next to Elenwe the Tamer and tapped Strangler, our Ambassador, who sat in front of me, on the shoulder. He turned around and gave me a hostile look.

“’What is going on?’ I asked, whispering.

“’They are calling elections for new leaders.’ said Strangler.

“Maxmeles Dodd, a young sage and member of the famous Dodd family, turned to me and said, “We will need new leaders to take Dardan and Morwen’s place. We have not many worthy candidates to choose from, unfortunately.”

“I nodded slowly knowing that this meant Deepwater would soon come out of the calm waters. Any new leader will have to work hard to gain respect and trust from the citizens, and face many that wish to see Deepwater burned to the ground. I sighed and glanced at Elv’eng and Elionah, two sturdy elves, sitting motionless, listening to Dardan’s words. Thank god we have many allies.

“’Let the nominations for candidates begin!’ Finishing his speech, Dardan retreated to the back room.

“Aye, let the new era for Deepwater begin.

“Deepwater spreads around the Bay of Justice. You can find your way there if you start walking directly East from the Yew Moongate, past the catacombs, to the coastline. You will soon see the tall buildings of Deepwater rising above the trees of the Forest of Shadows. At this time, the ruling system in Deepwater has somewhat changed. We have seen a couple of Mayors, but it was Dardan Brook who made Deepwater what it is today. Along his side worked a council of dedicated people who gave time and ideas to make our town an even better place to live in. As I write this, we expect a major change in our government that will, hopefully, keep Deepwater a tight and ever-growing community. We also have our own guards, who maintain peace and order.

“Deepwater is proud of all that it has achieved thus far. We have centralized the gatherings in the Owl’s Eye Tavern run by Fauna Riboflavin. We have moved the combat trainings to the most visited place in our town, The Fighting School, which has by now attracted over forty thousand visitors. We have put up two outstanding markets that take care of the economy in town - The Tower Mall and The Merry Trader, and we have our own Chapel and Tower of Magics for those in need of Spiritual or Arcane exploration. For those in search of historical facts, the Companions of Andune have opened an interesting museum in the northern part of the city.

“Citizens of Deepwater strive to hold many events that will entertain the masses. Videric Gavestone organizes weekly caravans and escorts, and Flora Riboflavin arranges regular excursions to the less known locations as other guilds and individuals hold feasts, carnivals, bazaars, festivals and tournaments.

“Come visit and I promise that it will be a trip worth taking. If you need additional information on Deepwater, be sure to visit our homepage at http://here.at/Deepwater/.”

-    Thorin Kjeldoran

Please join us next week, when we spotlight player goals and plans for the new year in Ultima Online. As always, keep a close eye on FYI for our future Spotlight topics. We look forward to hearing all of the epic tales of your adventures in Ultima Online.

Published: October 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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