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Four Winds Tavern
As we take our first steps into the 21st century, many of us look forward to the future year with curiosity and hope. Resolutions are made and goals are set. For one citizen of Britannia, it is a time to reach forth and grab a goal that has been a long time in attaining - the opening of a tavern. Our spotlight this week focuses on Irene O’Grady of Chesapeake and her goal to open the Four Winds Tavern.

 “’Tis my goal this coming year to make a success of the Four Winds Tavern, which opened its doors to the public shortly after the new year commenced. To be sure, I had almost despaired of finding a suitable building; but fortune smiled upon me when a good friend accepted my offer to purchase his classic patio home not far from the fair city of Trinsic. In partnership with a friend from the city of Aryslan, I was able to conclude the transaction a few days ago. Announcements will, of course, be posted throughout the land shortly before the grand opening. ‘Tis my sincere hope that all who attend will have a truly merry time!
“My reasons for wanting to open a tavern are a bit complex. Although it is true that the idea has always appealed to me, the deciding factor was a sentimental one. My missing niece, Rosie O’Grady, master fisher and formerly head baker of Aryslan, had dreamed for years of opening her own tavern. Alas, that dream vanished with her disappearance a short time ago. Determined to prove herself more than a baker or fisher, she had taken up mace fighting. She was last seen heading alone into the northern forest, presumably to hone her fighting skills on the trolls and dire wolves and other vicious creatures that are so abundant in that corner of the land.

“No one has heard from her since.

“It is presumed that Rosie met an untimely end in that savage wilderness. ‘Tis sad that she did not live long enough to achieve her fondest ambition, but in a way, by making my own dream come true, I will be fulfilling Rosie’s dream as well.

“Preparations are almost complete, and the Four Winds will soon be ready to welcome its first customers. There is a great deal more involved in running a successful tavern than many folks realize. It takes much dedication, and, like housework, the job is never truly done. Now that the tavern is furnished and stocked, the real work will soon begin. ‘Tis my intention to provide the best service possible to patrons of the Four Winds for many years to come. Like my niece, Rosie, I am talented in the kitchen and will endeavor to provide a variety of fine dishes, as well as the best quality ale and wine. I will also strive to make the Four Winds a place where people from all walks of life can socialize in safety and comfort. To achieve this, a few house rules will be implemented and most firmly adhered to:

1.    Killing either people or pets is forbidden, and anyone seen committing such a crime will be
permanently banned.
2.    No stealing will be tolerated.
3.    Fighting or sparring, in indulged in at all, must be taken outside.
“At all times, the staff will have full authority to remove any individual whose behavior is determined to be unacceptable. If there is any doubt as to what should be done regarding any particular offender, the laws of our Lord British will be used as our guide to fair action. The staff of the Four Winds will honor Lord British and all law-abiding citizens in his realm by providing the best service possible for as long as we remain in business. ‘Tis my hope that we will be in business for a very long time!

“The foregoing encompasses my goals for the New Year. I only wish that Rosie could be here to share the joys and good times that will surely follow the opening of the Four Winds Tavern.”

- Irene O’Grady
Owner of the Four Winds Tavern

The Four Winds Tavern is located directly south of Trinsic on the Chesapeake shard at sextant coordinates 128.3 South 50.16 East.

It is with pleasure that we present these spotlight tales of your adventures and accomplishments in the lands of Britannia. Please join us next week when our spotlight focuses on the War and Rose Tavern on Siege Perilous. Don’t forget to watch FYI for future spotlight topics!

Published: October 2000
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