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Midnight and the Liches
n this week's Spotlight, Midnight Voyager scours the forest in search of liches. The task of conquering these evil, undead foes proves to be quite the challenge for the brave Ranger.

"The Ranger kept her senses on high alert at all times as she stalked through the trees; her black surcoat, boots, and cape helped her blend with the shadows, and her Norse helm was pulled firmly over her head to fend away strikes to that important area. These were the clothes she usually wore into battle; though, the shadowy armor was something she wore at all times. The dark blue animal beneath her stiffened and snapped a twig loudly. She patted her trusty (not) hunting mount, KutsuJemu, on the head and whispered softly in his ear, 'Could you please be compliant and quiet for this hunt? We're hunting liches here.' The fact that the Ranger was less than five feet tall and the ostard was just so big in comparison was enough to make the animal hard to manage. The frenzied nodded in assent and relaxed a little. Quietly, they made their way through the forest until, just ahead, the Ranger could see a group of sarcophagi.

"Suddenly, a sickly smell entered the area -- liches were near! One of the monsters came at her, but she was ready. An arrow flew to the string of her bow and as she pulled it, a silver coating slid over the arrowhead and shaft, 'Eat silver!' she shouted, letting the arrow fly. After a few moments of intense battle, with the ranger ducking in and out of cover as needed, the lich fell. She now had two gems, some scrolls, and some gold to show for her effort.

"Another lich gave her much more trouble, for it was rather fond of paralyzing the Ranger before attacking. She was nearly killed, but was smart enough to know when to run. With some distance between herself and the lich, she took the opportunity to apply bandages to her wounds, 'I'm not as dumb as some of those warriors who charge into heated battle and won't back off. Valor doesn't allow it. Retreat is the better part of Valor because it keeps you alive!' However, she also knew the other part of Valor and charged right back into the fray once she was well, earning another kill and some more loot.

"Defeating the third lich was quite an ordeal as well. It repeatedly poisoned her; a lady, who was evidently an archer and a mage, noticed and cured the poison so Middy could heal herself. 'My thanks, m'lady Dainty,' she said with relief, using the name she could see on the woman's guild badge.

"''Tis no trouble,' Dainty answered with a smile. 'And that was a good shot too!' With a tip of her head, she wandered off on her way.

"Middy smiled. 'What a nice lady,' she thought to herself. The moment of rest wasn't to last long, for three liches then came at her at once! Using the tactics she'd built up over the years, she managed to lure off one at a time, dividing and then conquering. The last of the trio gave her the worst trouble of them all, poisoning and paralyzing her until both were well near dead. Fortunately, the Ranger's ties to the forest hadn't failed her. A large great hart jumped from the trees and fended the attacks away from Midnight until she could sufficiently gather her strength. The lich finally fell, like all the others.

"'Thank you, Hart,' Midnight whispered.

"The hart nodded its noble head, and then galloped off into the trees as more adventurers began to arrive.

"After many more battles and many more triumphs...

Midnight Voyager: 10
Liches: Zip"

- Midnight Voyager, First Ranger of Stormhaven.

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Published: April 2002
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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