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The Jukan Threat: Trinsic Invasion
In this week's Spotlight, an adventurer discovers the Jukan invaders in Trinsic and experiences first hand their brutal nature and merciless intentions.

"Trinsic, my hometown and city of Justice - no one expected that they would attack; no one predicted that the peace and quiet of this town would be broken by those foul and hideous creatures. They, being the Juka, invaded the city swiftly and with no mercy. The few townspeople left remember it; they remember seeing the bodies of their guards fall to the ground in bloody heaps, leaving them defenseless. They then knew it was true. They knew that the evil hordes of the dark one, Blackthorn, had invaded Trinsic, and it could be months, or even years before they would be able to rid the town of the vermin known as the Juka.

"I wandered into Trinsic with my messenger, Dobhran. We were two proud members of the Keepers of the Flames, myself the Master of the Flames and he a lower, but still important, member. Dobhran had caught wind of the Jukan invasion of Trinsic, but was far too weak in combat skills to venture to the city and discover the truth on his own. As we entered the city, a sight of pure terror struck our eyes, and we wished we had never come here. A young man and his master were engaged in battle with a Juka Lord. We saw the Juka's blood-red eyes shining with bloodlust. In a matter of seconds, the older man was stricken down, and his body fell limply to the ground. And within one blow, the younger man followed his departed master. To see a young man killed was even more terrible than what had happened to the city. 

"We didn't have the time to flee -- the Juka Lord had spotted us and, unfortunately, targeted Dobhran before me. I tried forcefully to defend my dear friend, but it was no use; Dobhran had no armor but the clothes on his back and no weapon but a mere dagger. The Juka mercilessly attacked my guild brother, and in a blink of my shadowed eyes, my friend was nothing but a corpse on the blood-stained street. 

"The Juka then turned on me, striking me without pause. I returned the blow with my long sword of vanquishing, but it seemed to do very little damage. I was upon the brink of death, while the Juka Lord still had plenty of life within his ugly, mangled body. Then, a mysterious man rose from the blackness behind me, riding a type of dragon I had never seen before. He cast a spell with a few simple words: "Vas Ort Grav." The Juka was hit as lightning fell from the sky, and the creature writhed in pain. The mage then disappeared into the city. I did not have the opportunity to thank him. 

"You'd think that I would have learned my lesson from the first time of being near death, but that was not the case. I ran into the city after the mage and, consequently, ran into two riders astride more strange looking dragons. They called themselves Chaos Dragoons. Together, they lifted their blades in unison and brought them down upon my body. The blades broke through my armor and slashed my skin, and I felt the cold triumph of death... I had fallen.
"A few minutes passed as I searched for a healer. Finally, I found one. With his words of magic, the man healed me, and in the robes of my death, I ran back to the place where I had died only to see that my body had turned into skeletal remains. I approached, but could see nothing of my belongings. I sadly left.

"Upon leaving, I saw him... the mage who had assisted me. He walked up to me and gave me a bag. I accepted it, and opened it. Within it was my inventory, everything I thought I had lost. He again disappeared, and I have yet a chance to thank him."

- The Admirable Bill Celcous

Join us next week as we spotlight another Jukan adventure and, as always, keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight announcements!

Published: April 2002
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