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Encounter in Trinsic
For some, the new threat to Britannia means a call to arms; for others, it's a call to assist those that fight the threat. This week's Spotlight shines on the Europa Ranger's Council who bravely set out to defend Britannia from the Jukan menace.

"The brush moved smoothly through the mare's ebony coat, and it gleamed with its own inner light. Fire Bird spoke softly to Manu as she fed it treats. The door to the stable suddenly burst open as a herald announced grave tidings; Juka, before only seen in Ilshenar and the dungeons, were invading Yew and Trinsic! Opening her mind, Fire Bird spoke to the winds, 'I seek you,' drawing her guild to her. Soon gathered, the Europa Rangers Council stood ready for instructions.
"'Our lands are invaded, and once again the City of Honor is besieged,' she said solemnly. 'We will go there; they will need healers.'


"Fire Bird smiled; the young ranger who spoke was spirited, to say the least. Cocking an eyebrow, Fire Bird crossed her arms and captured him in her gaze. 'Yes, Aragorn, healers. Only a fool would attack without taking the measure of the opponent. We shall watch and learn, and aid those in need.'

"A blue portal opened, and the guild arrived at the Trinsic bank. Indeed, there was much work for healers, as many spirits were rejoined with the living world. Fire Bird caught movement from the corner of her eye and, expecting another spirit in need, turned to meet it. What stood before her was something she never would have imagined. Pitch black armor covered a warrior, except for the familiar chaos-crested shield it wielded. The rider was astride a beast never before seen. As he moved towards Fire Bird, she could only stand there, mesmerized by the image before her. The familar 'twang' of a bowstring and Aragorn's shouted alarm broke her reverie. Bolts of energy flew from her fingertips, and within a moment, the rider lay dead at her feet. Guildmates with tendrils of smoke rising from their fingers, evidence of their own spent mana, joined in examination of the remains.

"'Would you look at this?' Aragorn spoke. Indeed, the creature was unique. With six legs and small wings, the beast waddled nonchalantly about the bank grounds.

"Dragon Hawk, a guild Elder, shrugged, 'Well, it looks and sounds like a dragon, but it's not as strong, and really doesn't have any magical ability to speak of.'

"'Bah! It won't listen to me,' Aragorn said.

"Fire Bird looked bemused. 'You want it?' she asked. 'Very well.' Speaking to the dragon, the guildmistress soon convinced the beast that humans meant it no harm. In short order, the green dragon was feeding from Aragon's hand. Sated and happy, the dragon followed the young ranger as the Council members continued to heal and help the needy. One of the warriors asked for assistance in regaining his weapons and armor. In a flash, Aragorn was astride his new mount and off. Fire Bird turned to order the rest of the guild to follow, only to realize she would have spoken to herself. She leapt to her own mare and followed the rest. Turning the corner, she felt as if she had walked right into the fires of Chaos itself. The guttural cries of the Juka competed with the screams of warriors and the roars of animals, while the air crackled with the fire of magic. Finding themselves suddenly flanked by an onrush of cavalry, the Juka fell back. An eerie silence descended over the city. Several of the new dragons stood silent and without riders. Council members rounded them up as the defense forces regrouped for the expected counter-attack.

"'These things are happy to have a master. Any master,' Aragorn noted. 'They don't do much for damage, but their hide is tougher than one of Hawk's steaks.'

"Suppressing a grin, Fire Bird made a quick decision, 'We shall use these beasts against those that would harm us. We'll give them to warriors, for a warrior's mount they are!' After a quick trip to Britain, the swamp dragons were soon seated under new riders. Fire Bird watched as they moved to reinforce Trinsic; warriors astride new mounts, rangers with dragonkin, and mages meditating to prepare for the coming battle. Though pride swelled her heart, she wondered if this would be enough to turn the storm that had come to these lands."

- Fire Bird of Europa

It is with pleasure that we present these tales of your adventures in Ultima Online. Please join us again next week as we share another of the many stories of Britannia that you have created. Please keep an eye on FYI for new spotlight topics!

Published: May 2002
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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