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Families in Ultima Online
It's a common occurrence to find real life friends banding together as in-game allies, but what about families? We asked the community that very question, and here's what some of them had to say...

"I'm sure there are many sibling groups and parent/child groups online together sharing experiences in Britannia. The difference with my three teenage sons and I is that they live in Phoenix, Arizona and I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado; in other words, we live almost a thousand miles apart. We have been in this situation for about five years now. When this first happened, the only connection we had was the phone for whatever conversation I could pull out of my sons.

"About that time, we discovered that we could play games over the phone lines by having the computers call each other. This was a real breakthrough. We finally had something to connect us, which then led into real conversations. Almost two years ago, the boys discovered Ultima Online. I wasn't convinced that it was a good game in the beginning due to the 'Dungeons and Dragons' stigma it had attached to it. Not wanting to be negative about any conversation that it would stimulate, I let the boys tell me all about it and they really got into describing the fun they were having. Some of my computer buddies were getting into UO and telling me about it, and I started getting interested, especially when one of them told me that he and his son were actually 'connecting' while playing UO. After a visit to Phoenix and seeing the boys playing, I was convinced to try it. I've been a UO player for 15 months now. My boys and I have had a great time developing characters that complement each other in game play. What's really fun is using my cell phone on my evening and weekend minutes while we are playing. We have a distinct advantage over others, since we can converse as we play. It has developed a whole new level of 'connection' between us that has enhanced our relationships in ways that would never have happened otherwise."
- Aragorn

"Hi, I would like to share my story with the UO family. I currently live in Florida and teach at a local community college. My youngest son is in the Air Force and has been stationed overseas for the last three years. We meet in game (Lake Superior) every chance we get. We try to make it four or five times a week, but usually we meet on the weekend because of the big time difference. Sometimes we don't see each other for months because he will forward deploy for long periods of time. When he is at his home base, we meet and have an absolutely great time running around together in-game. Let me tell you how this came to be.
"Back in the early days of UO, my son maintained an account and was an active player in Felucca. He would try and get me to play, but I was into the head-to-head play of Warcraft and C&C. Because of real life events he let his account expire and time went on. About 15 months ago he came home on leave for a visit. He went out and bought UO: Third Dawn and began playing it on my PC. As I watched, I became very interested and went out and purchased a copy and created my own account. We have been playing together ever since then. My main character is Polcat and his is Goober; we love to hang out and help other players as much as we can."
- Polcat

"I am a 64 year old mother of three children. About 2 ½ years ago, one of my sons bought the game Ultima Online from monies received as a birthday present. After a couple days of playing, he decided this was a game I would enjoy, so he bought the game for me as a Christmas present. By this time, he had been playing for a little while and was able to help me get started. His 16 year old son (at the time) thought this was a pretty good game after watching his father play. So his father let him create a character on his account and when he wasn't playing, his son played. So if I wasn't playing with my son, I was playing with my grandson. But soon they realized I liked playing a different style of game than they did and I found myself playing alone more than with them. I preferred to be a craft person and they preferred being warriors.
"About 6 months ago, my daughter became curious about the game I kept talking about, and so she bought the game and joined us in UO. Now, in addition to the friends I have made in the game, I also play with my daughter, son, and grandson. On occasion, my daughter's son will play one of her characters.

"We play on the Great Lakes Shard and we all belong to the greatest guild in UO, Guild of Friends (GOF). My son and I are high ranking officers in the guild and are very active.

"I live in Painesville, Ohio; my son lives in Norfolk, Va.; my grandson now lives in Elkin, W. Va.; and my daughter lives in Cushing, Ok. This has been a fabulous way for our family to get together and talk about our real lives. We also exchange gifts for all the holidays in the game in addition to real life."
- Smokey

"I am Lady Sutanith of Lake Superior, Clan of the Twilight Knights. If you would like to know of a real life family affair it is the start of our clan. For one, Lady Sutanith is the mother of Cujo in real life. My husband plays the game as Houris of Mimbar, the Mayor of Twilight Township. At times, my daughter has played with us over the five years that we have been a part of UO. And then during the first UO Faire in Austin, we met a lovely lady, Zorria. She started seeing my son in real life, and now is a part of our clan within the families of the CTK. In real life, they are together and live in Florida. This is how I get to talk to my son and daughter-in-law on a daily basis -- through the game. We get to play together, talk together, and have a good life within the game. Over our five years within the lands of Britannia, we have built a great friendship with many other people and have gotten to meet a lot of the members in our clan, as well as other alliances. Our family has become strong. There is much truth in the saying: 'The family that plays together stays together.'"
- Lady Sutanith

"My whole family plays UO: my parents, who are in their mid fifties, as well as my brother and sister, who are in their thirties. My brother-in-law also plays. UO is something very special and is more than just a game, it's a community where family and friends can gather and have fun. I have played UO for more than two years. I started on the AOL Legends shard when it first came up and have been there ever since. I got my family playing it and met my best friend in the world there; plus, I met my guy in Ultima Online. UO is like a part of my family and is a conversation piece around the dinner table in our house. :) With three computers running UO daily on 3 different phone lines, it's hardly a small thing in my family."
- Lady Chele
"My name is Crimson Rose and I have been playing UO for two years. I have been so involved in the game at times that my family would sit and laugh at the things me and my friends were doing. Then my daughter and youngest son wanted to play, so I got another account for the both of them to share. When my husband decided he wanted to play, we took over an account for a friend of mine who was leaving the game. Now every Sunday, he and I get in the game and have fun. I help my daughter all the time with her skills, and my son just likes to go out killing things. He even got some of his friends to get the game, so I have them with me a lot also. Every now and then, there are at least three members of the family in the game at the same time, but I only have three accounts and two phone lines, so it makes it hard for all of us to play at once. When we finally get cable, we can all play then, but I would have to buy two more accounts for that to be possible. Oh, and I would need one more computer too. Oh goodness, this could be expensive. But we do have fun when we get together, and my UO family really enjoys hanging around with my real life family when they are on. Thanks for the good times this game has allowed my family to have together."
- Crimson Rose

We enjoy sharing these tales of your friends, family, and adventures in Ultima Online. As always, keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight topics!

Published: June 2002
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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