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The Sea Chicken
From water elementals to krakens, there is no doubt that the oceans of Britannia are filled with many dangerous creatures… even chickens.

"Ahoy there! I'm Capt'n Don, treasure hunter extraordinaire, and I have a tale to share of the foulest beast that I have ever had the misfortune to meet. No, not a sea serpent - my crew and I have see many of those and have sent each and every one of them to a watery grave. And no, not even a kraken, though they can be quite the menace. Why, my poor shipmate, Petey, lost a toe in our last encounter with one, and he's never been the same since. But this tale is not about them. This tale is about a true monster, an abomination: the sea chicken. Oh-ho, you laugh now, matey! But if you were the one that had to look into that demon's eyes, you'd be singing quite a different tune, I guarantee you that!

"We were sailing the seas one fine morning, looking for treasure as we usually do on fine mornings (afternoons and evenings too!), but luck wasn't on our side that day. We only managed to pull in a few gold coins, some shoddy pieces of armor, and someone's ol' rusty butter knife. It was sad enough to make a grown man cry - and Petey certainly did--a lot--but as I mentioned earlier, the lad's a bit short on eggs in the ol' hen house if you know what I mean. Despite the poor catch, we were determined to end the trip on a high note, and so off to Britain we sailed, to the place we call home: The Cat's Lair Tavern.

"The closer we got to the mainland, the worse the sea became. My ship, The Bloated Fish, was nearly toppled twice by angry waves and the fierce slash of the coastal winds. It was as if someone, or something, was trying to push us away. But we pressed onward, like the hearty folk we were - nothing would keep us from our ale! Well, except for the Missus, but luckily there was an all-white sale happening in Trinsic that very day. Har!

"Back to the story!

"Then we saw it, and the moment we did, everything stopped: the waves, the wind, and even Petey's bawling died down until there was nothing, but an eerie silence surrounding us. It certainly looked like your normal Britannian chicken, with a beak and characteristic pink feathers, but it was walking on water! And I don't mean it was swimming, or even drowning; no, it was walking right on the surface. As the ship drifted closer to the beast, the entire crew leaned over the side to get a closer look, for none of us had ever seen the likes of a chicken that could walk on water. Being the honorable sea captain that I am, I lifted a hand in greeting once the ship came to a stop a few feet from it. 'Ahoy there, chicken!' I called out, but the creature remained silent, staring me down as if in challenge. I have witnessed many things in my lifetime, but the look in that bird's eyes… well, it was sheer madness.

"'Let's fry it,' Petey suggested from behind my shoulder. 'Looks like good eatin' to me!'

"The chicken clucked then and ruffled its feathers, as if it didn't care much for that suggestion. Who would?

"'Hmm. I wonder…,' And before I could say anything else, time suddenly came to a halt. I couldn't move, couldn't speak, and then there was nothing, but blackness all around me. Had this creature killed me?

"When I came to, I was still on my ship. Alone. The sea chicken was nowhere to be seen. My crew had disappeared as well. Frantically, I made my rounds to each of their homes and, much to my relief, found them all alive and well. They told me how they, too, fell into a big, black sleep. The rest of the day was spent mulling over the event, and in the end, we all agreed that chickens walking on water should never be approached.

"So, take great care, my friend! If you should happen to come across a sea chicken, sail the other way, or you may find yourself losing time and sleeping the black sleep. The great Beast of Lag has nothing on this little fella."

-- Captain Don
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Published: July 2002
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