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The Village of Bearpoint
From meager beginnings, the Village of Bearpoint started as a single abode and a dream. Through love and hard work, it has flourished into a thriving community and rest stop for Catskills adventurers.
“It all started 4 years ago in a small cabin on a bay west of Minoc. From this tiny one room building grew Bearpoint -- the only ‘neutral’ merchant town in Felucca. Tron brought his new bride, Lace, to the small cottage he lived in as a Ranger. He taught her the ways of the forest, protected her, and nurtured her dreams. With hard work and developing skills, together they managed to purchase and place a new two-story home.

“Since that time, Bearpoint has grown and become one of the largest and longest running player-run towns in Felucca. Lace had a dream to have a town that would be a safe haven for shoppers. Tron gave her the encouragement she needed and came to her aid anytime she would begin to falter. Slowly, with much care and a lot of hard work, Bearpoint grew.

“While Tron was working in the forest, Lace invested some time to learn the merchant business. She was called upon by the citizens of The Dragons Lair to be manager of the merchant castle. She started with a small rune business and soon became known as the ‘Queen of Runes.’ When the time of the Lair had ended, she turned her entire attention to her husband and Bearpoint.

“The village now consists of fifteen buildings with eight dedicated shops spread along the coast of Bearpoint Bay. The ‘goal’ realized by three enduring years of hard work was that this town would be of neutral status -- that is, no fighting or killing within its boundaries. It has been quite a challenge to get the Factions to cooperate, harder still to get the attention of certain murderers and win their loyalty. Many times, Lace and Tron wondered if they would ever be able to achieve their goal.

“At one point in time, they were plagued by a group of rampant outlaws led by Zemial. Lace and Tron almost gave up. However, to their amazement, they were joined by their customers in a fight against the marauders. Now, Faction members shop side by side, and murderers are not attacked, nor do they attack others. There have been many times when customers, red and blue, have stood as one to fight to keep Bearpoint neutral and drive away new barbarians that would destroy the ambiance of this unique village.

“The small trading post which started them off has since been moved to a larger building. This little shack had more than ten thousand visits before it was turned over to their friend Rainman in order to establish a new and far-reaching magic weapons and armor business. The merchants of Bearpoint continue to add new items to their shops. With such variety, customers can find almost anything one could ever need. Lace provides a giveaway of one hundred thousand gold pieces to every ten thousandth customer. She always lends a helping hand, and has always been there to assist the needy. Upon arriving at the trading post, there is nothing that a visitor cannot find at a fair price. Their merchants are the best in the land, and Bearpoint is always willing to welcome more.

“In addition to an excellent merchant area, Bearpoint also offers an Inn, along with several rentable apartments, as places where young players can learn and train their skills. Bearpoint, their friends, and especially their customers, represent an accomplishment for which they are so very proud of. Many people have come and gone during these last four years, but the Village of Bearpoint continues to thrive.

- Lace and Tron of Catskills
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Published: August 2002
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