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Favorite Places in UO
In this week's spotlight, take a brief journey around UO, and read about some of the interesting places that players enjoy visiting in-game.

Gargoyle City Entrance
"This is a picture of the entrance to the Gargoyle city of Ver Lor Reg. I picked this location due to its stateliness and grandeur. I find Ver Lor Reg to be one of the most serene and picturesque towns in Britannia, only rivaled by the sandstone and marble town of Nujel'm. The marble steps, which rise out of the desert, beckon one into the Gargoyle city, an oasis of civilization in the untamed frontier of Ilshenar. I find the towering pillars to be both welcoming and beautiful. The marble walls of the city perched atop their stone foundations herald the security and peace that lay behind them. I hope you find this location as scenic as I have."
-Stalt of Atlantic

Hedge Maze
The hedge maze is a beautifully sculpted area of bushes and bright flowers. Once the novelty of making it through the maze wears off, you can focus on the scenic aspect of it. It's a great place to hold small gatherings, spend time with someone special, or just take lovely screenshots of your character with it as the perfect backdrop. For adventurers, there are a few creatures in the center of the maze that can provide some hunting fun. There are also a couple buildings within the maze for you to explore. The maze is located west of Britain.
-Emily of Chesapeake

Tiny Heart Isle
"This sweet little heart-shaped island is one of my favorite spots in Britannia. It is just off the eastern shore of the Justice peninsula, and can be reached by a magical hop from the mainland or by sailing ship through the calm waters of Justice Bay. I love things small and cute, and Tiny Heart Isle is both. It is a perfect spot for two lovebirds. I find it peaceful and romantic. It's a lovely place to bring my sweetheart for a cuddle or sweet words. It has just enough room for two, and maybe a little picnic. Being here with a dear friend always feels special, and it brings a smile to my face to see their surprise. The memory of a few charming moments on a little heart stays with me always."
Tiny Heart Isle coordinates: 110o 7'N 3o 52'E
-Salix of Europa

Moonglow Telescope
In my early days of travel in another land, I came across a pretty gate and decided to venture through it. When I stepped through, I came across some people that told me that I was on a tour of the land and to have no fear. I cannot recall all the places I visited, but it was a lovely walk around the land that later I would learn to love. I remember a waterfall, the Minoc mines, and most of all, the telescope in Moonglow.

Later in my life, I was lucky to be able to own the house that sat next to this telescope. I've spent many happy days sewing, making potions, sitting next to the fire, and talking with friends in this house. At one time, this was the house that a guild was born in: The Moonglow Defense Force.

Weddings have even been done in front of the telescope. Many have stumbled across it, from the young to the old, and are always in awe when they see it. They all ask the same question: does it work? Sadly, I have to tell them no.
But now and then, when I sit inside the house and gaze at this wonder, I remember that time when I was young, and the awe I felt when I first visited this place. I hope that one day another pretty gate will appear that the young and old of the land can take, which will lead them here, so that I can share with them my story of the telescope."
-JM of Lake Superior

The Hungry Halfling
"The Hungry Halfling is the place I must say holds the most memories, the dearest thoughts, and is, out of all, my favorite place.

Back in the day, the Hungry Halfling was overrun by seers, elves, vampires and other such strange roleplaying creatures. It was where seeing a dragon come to talk to someone was just an everyday thing. It was the life of Atlantic and the heart of the roleplaying community. From the evil Necromancer who wished to take Molly Teach's child and Ethan letting lose waves of liches, zombies, mummies, and Lich Lords, to the ever-gentle dragon that guarded the land in which Rivendell sat, the adventures and events were grand. Many people started there journeys in Sosaria there. It brought laughter, smiles, tears and sorrow; it was a place of great joy and a place of great tragedy, but most of all, it was a place where friendship was inevitable. Though the times have changed, the once crowded place now sits silently as if frozen in time. The seers have left and the elves as well. But if you happen to pass that way and you stand there long enough, you can hear the echoes of laughter from the times it was once the capital of the roleplaying community."
-Lady IronRose Dartmoore of Atlantic
The Ethereal Cathedral
"In Ilshenar, there is a cathedral guarded by ethereal warriors. With its marble floors, grayish-white walls, and modest d├ęcor, it would be a nice place to hold a wedding. The overall mood of the area is of tranquility and peace. Beneath the main level are the catacombs, filled with creatures to hunt. I suppose I like it as much as I do because, like most areas in Ilshenar, it is very striking in appearance. For those that are visiting Ilshenar for the first time, I highly recommend the cathedral as one of the places they should definitely visit!"
-Raven of Napa Valley

If you have a favorite place that you would like to share with the rest of the community, send a description of the area, and the reason you're fond of it, to [email protected] As always, keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight topics!

Published: August 2002
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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