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A Britannian Love Story
In a world as vast as Britannia, each day people meet strangers, travel the lands, hunt deep in dungeons, and forge friendships. Sometimes these friendships endure, and other times last but a short while. In some rare and special cases, these friendships blossom into love. Our spotlight this week tells the tale of Calla and Ronin, and of the love that grew strong between them over nigh two years.

 "She was a young, novice Ranger, inexperienced in the ways of the city, unused to being away from her homeland forest; he, a disillusioned Great Lord, battle-weary and looking dispiritedly to early retirement. Their eyes met across the tables in Britain's Salty Dog - and he offered to buy her a mug of ale. Hesitantly, she accepted, not sure of the wisdom in speaking to such an obviously grizzled warrior.  Separated from her hunting party, or deserted by them, she mistrusted the advances of men of uncertain intentions. But he seemed genteel, and gentlemanly, and eventually she accepted also his offer to escort her into the near woods to hunt a bit. After a while, she even gave up skirting the edge of the safe zones, wandering just that bit further to bring down a trophy great hart. Invigorated and heartened by the wholesome company he provided, she further accepted his invitation to meet him in two day's time.
"For over a year they met so, twice a week, hunting game and beast, building up a store of worldly goods and learning each other's strengths and weaknesses. She admitted freely to being a packrat and scavenger, and he indulged her whimsy, carrying her packs when the weight threatened to enmire her in the swamps they traversed, as she laughed and trotted along, ever by his side. He respected her fear of the magickal arts, even to taking up the profession of Ranger to honor her love for all living things. She learned the arts of healing, that she might repair the damage he took on her behalf. Together they explored new lands and old - with always enough time to satisfy her urge to spend money at every shop whose door they passed. And he only teased her a little, just enough to make her laugh merrily and musically.

"Upon the anniversary of their first meeting, he surprised her: a sweet log cabin, furnished sparely, but with love - and her scavengings. It took a bit longer for him to offer her his ring, in spite of her broad hints and shy smiles, but when he did, she took it lovingly, as she took him to be her helpmeet and husband. How his heart swelled with pride as he looked upon her portrait! How her eyes misted over, as she repaired each rent in his tunic and cloak! Strangers, meeting them in passing on an isolated stretch of road, recognized the strong bond that held them to one another and wished of themselves the like.

"That was a twelve-month ago. In but one month's time, Calla and Ronin will celebrate their 2 years together, happy and smiling still - she still wearing her Ranger green, he still indulging her with loving heart. Their home is more fully furnished, their coffers more bulging with gold and goods, but their love and respect for each other know no measure as they continue to meet, twice weekly, in the bountiful lands of Sosaria, for hunt, amusement, or simple conversation. His tease now is that he shall retire to farm and raise the sheep she is compelled to shear, and she shall support them with her bow and pumpkin pies. At this she laughs, merrily and musically, full knowing that he would follow her into the mouth of Hell and back, should she need it, and knowing, too, that here in their little corner of the world, they have found Paradise - in each other."

-    Calla

Please join us next week as we share a tale of love that transcends the boundaries of Britannia into the vast world beyond. Without the stories and tales of her inhabitants, Britannia would be most incomplete, and we look forward to hearing of your adventures as time continues. Don't forget to keep close watch on FYI for future spotlight topics!

Published: October 2000
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