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The Collector’s Quest
In this week’s spotlight, an adventurer meets up with Elwood McCarrin, and then finds himself scouting the lands of Britannia for items to satisfy this quirky collector’s curious needs.
“It was late at night. I watched as a nearby warrior tipped back a large jug of hard liquor and spilled the contents into his mouth. As I sat there, near the door in the Haven tavern, I idly wondered why I was there in the first place. I laid my head on the counter and fell asleep soon after. When I awoke, only the barbarian of a warrior remained, still drinking. I ordered a glass of ale, which came to me in a matter of seconds. I drank it, waking up, and turned my head towards the door as someone walked in. The new arrival was dressed oddly, as if he were some sort of jester, the King's fool. His gaze met mine, and he approached me, smiling.

“’It's been too long, friend!’ he said, sitting beside me. I glanced around nervously, looking to the warrior to see if he knew this man. He only shrugged and turned his attention back to his ale. ‘How would you like to find some more things for me, eh? Just for old time's sake, friend.’

“’Alright, then.’ I managed to mutter, still curious as to whom the man was. “’Alright then,’ he said happily. ‘First, go on outside and fish up some rainbow pearls for me. I'd like to learn more about them.’ With a curious expression etched upon my features, I stood and then mounted my beetle. The man quickly added: ‘Bring them back to me, Elwood McCarrin; six of them, please.’

“I took the old fishing pole from my bag and left the tavern. I rode out to the edge of the docks and fished for several minutes until I finally gathered six rainbow pearls from the foul smelling shellfish that I pulled up. I returned to the tavern and handed them to Elwood. He smiled happily, and then said to me, ‘Now, I have an artist friend in Vesper who I would like you to visit. I know you're going to be famous someday, so I want a painting of you. Go on now! To Vesper with you.’ To say I was a little confused would be an understatement. Nevertheless, I headed for the nearest moongate, and then crossed over to Minoc. I made my way slowly down the road until I reached Vesper.

“The woman was easy to find; she lived in an art school just south of the Vesper bank. She introduced herself as Alberta Giacco. After exchanging a few pleasantries, she told me to be seated and she'd begin. I did as instructed, and after several quiet moments, she was finished. Alberta told me she would send the painting to Elwood when it dried. Back to Haven I went to deliver the news.

“’Excellent!’ Elwood exclaimed. He then sent me to Britain, to get an autograph of a famous musician by the name of Gabriel Piete. I didn’t like this fellow one bit. He was as arrogant and curt as most famous people tend to be. He refused to sign the paper I had brought with me, so I was forced to ride to the theatre down the street and buy a piece of his music. With it in hand, I returned to him. He signed it and handed it over with a huff, ‘Now will you leave?’ I promptly returned to McCarrin.

“’You're doing swell!’ Elwood said as I handed the autograph to him. ‘Now listen, this next one is going to require some effort. Go to the Tinker Guild in Trinsic and talk to a man named Tomas O'Neerlan. Tell him I want an order of custom made action figures.’

“When I arrived in Trinsic, I relayed Elwood’s request to Tomas, and he gave me a list of four monsters in return. ‘I need you to capture the images of those creatures in paintings and then I will be able to make them,’ he informed me. The list read: Giant Beetle, Wisp. Swamp Dragon, and Betrayer. With a nod, I set off to complete the task. I thought hard on where to find these creatures, and then I realized that I was riding one of them – a giant beetle. I dismounted and painted its likeness upon some canvas given to me by Tomas.

“With one painting down, I recalled to my guildmate's house where I was able to capture the image of his swamp dragon in a lovely shade of green. Pleased with my success thus far, I made my way to the nearest moongate with the intent of crossing to Ilshenar. On the way, I caught sight of a wisp. It must have been my lucky day! I happily painted it as well. There was only one more painting I had to get.

“I went through the moongate and into Ilshenar, to the shrine of Compassion. I made my way to Lord Blackthorn's former castle. With my heart pounding, I raced inside, and searched for the elusive Betrayer. I had to dodge many swords and spells before I finally found one. It took a great amount of effort to paint its image, but with some cunning tactics and quick maneuvering, I was able to accomplish the task.

“I made my way back to Trinsic, tending to my wounds along the way, and gave the paintings to O'Neerlan the moment I arrived. Handing them back, he said, ‘Tell old Elwood that I'll send his items when they're good and ready.’ I smiled politely and recalled back to the tavern. I spoke with McCarrin again, who was simply too pleased to hide his excitement. He gave me a bag and thanked me several times. Inside the bag was a magic dagger of might, 300 gold pieces, and a piece of obsidian. He then stood and walked out, looking quite uncertain as to where he was going. The warrior, who was beyond drunk, leaned over and said to me, ‘Now go find the rumored hag in the forest. I hear she’s in need of some assistance.’ I simply rolled my eyes and left.

“It is said that Elwood still visits the tavern, asking people to help him.”

-The Famed Bill Celcous, Grandmaster Healer of AOL Legends
We are pleased to continue to present these tales of your adventures in the world of Britannia. Join us next week as we turn our spotlight on another great quest adventure. And as always, keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight topics!

Published: October 2002
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