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Lord Krull to the Rescue!
In this week's spotlight, Lord Krull aids a friend in need, but will his help be enough against the vile denizens of Blood Dungeon? Read on!

One day while I, the glorious Lord Krull, was haggling with my local merchant, I got this sudden chill down my spine. Fearing the worst, I quickly sent messages off to my comrades, insisting that we should join forces, because something evil was coming. Not long after that, I received word that my friend, Lady Afreyia, was in trouble. Excusing myself from Tarn, the merchant, and gathering my weapons, I set off to find Afreyia. I received word from her that she was in dire need of assistance in the dreaded Blood Dungeon. I was very familiar with this dungeon, so I made a quick stop by my castle to grab some special weapons, as I knew I would need them.

Upon reaching the entrance to the Blood Dungeon, I had to fight off an army of undead bone knights. Fortunately, the battle only lasted a couple minutes, leaving the entrance no longer blocked, which would help in case we had to make a quick retreat. As I walked further into the dungeon, the smell became overwhelming. Blood and goo dripped down the walls, and my fears suddenly increased, for I could smell the characteristic stench of a daemon nearby. I quickly cast Magic Reflect and Bless on myself in preparation. Just then I heard a scream from Afreyia. Rushing down the first hall, I ran into a few nasty imps that were feasting on a body that was barely recognizable as human. I didn't stop to engage them, but continued down the passage, rounded a corner and, to my surprise, found what must have been the foulest blood elemental I had ever seen. Fearing it would follow me, I quickly cast Paralyze on it.

I could hear the sounds of steel clashing with flesh and armor somewhere nearby. The screams got louder as I approached the final corner. Upon rounding the corner, I saw Afreyia almost beaten to the ground. Not one, but two daemons, a succubus, and 3 imps surrounded her. Afreyia's armor looked beaten badly, and her health was suffering under the strain of battle. I quickly cast Greater Heal on her to buy her some time.

Fearing that my comrades were not going to make it to the battle, and having assessed that the Succubus was commanding the monsters, I felt it was time to call upon the mystical forces for some help. I quickly flipped through the pages of my spellbook and cast Earthquake. This only further enraged the daemon that was attacking Afreyia. Thinking she wouldn't make it, I cast Invisibility on her to divert the monster's attack. It worked; the creature stood puzzled and looked around for its prey, but as I attempted to meditate, it suddenly turned its attention onto me. I quickly cast Earthquake again, but it only increased the beast's rage.

I tried to move away, but the succubus quickly ordered the others to attack me. One of the daemons cast Paralyze on me, but my Magic Reflection worked, and it was Paralyzed instead. Fearing that this was going to be a long battle, I decided that a quick change of armor was in order. I cast Invisibility on myself and then changed into my full plate armor. While hidden, I considered the group of monsters. The two daemons were badly beaten, but still had lots of life in them. The succubus was in good shape, and my two Earthquake spells had all but killed the imps.

I felt that time was running out for dear Afreyia, who was lying off to the side, her exact condition still unknown to me. So, I decided that I should follow the old rule of thumb: kill the leader first. I revealed myself by casting a combination of magic spells taught to me by the great mage, Merlin, years ago. The succubus was stunned by my sudden attack, and the daemons hadn't even realized I had gone on the offensive, as they were still searching for me elsewhere. I was able to land a few well-placed hits on the closest daemon before I was suddenly hit with a volley of spells from the succubus and the other daemon. I quickly healed myself and continued the attack with my halberd. I made short work of the weakest daemon; his death scream pierced my ears, but I relished the sound nonetheless.

As I was distracted, the succubus was able to teleport behind me. I was surrounded. The second daemon quickly poisoned me and then hit me across the back, knocking me to my knees. I thought I was doomed, but from out of the shadows, Afreyia appeared and cured me. With renewed vigor, I advanced my attack on the last daemon and delivered a crushing blow that ended its life. Afreyia, having fully recovered, cast Explosion and Ebolt on the succubus, further enraging the creature. It was only moments before I was back to full mana, which enabled me to cast Explosion, Flame Strike, and Ebolt at the succubus. The vile demon fell to its knees, and Afreyia finished it off with a fatal blow to the heart. By comparison, the few remaining imps were easy to defeat.

Once the battle was over, I stood guard while Afreyia collected trophies from the dead bodies. She thanked me as I escorted her back to the safety of Delucia, far away from the dark, dank depths of Blood Dungeon.

Join us next week as we continue to find and spotlight the people and places that make Britannia so unique. Don't forget to check FYI for future spotlight topics!

Published: January 2003
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