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Real Life UO Love Stories
There are hundreds of thousands of citizens in the lands of Britannia, traveling about their lives, battling, and adventuring. Occasionally, through fate or circumstance, a lucky couple meet. And occasionally, they fall in love. And sometimes, in a rare and wonderful moment, they realize that love extends beyond their characters and Britannia. This week, we celebrate a pair of those lucky couples.

Both our spotlight couples have managed to love across great distances and through long separations. This week, we’d like to award them a special gift to make their separations easier. We’ll be sending each couple a pair of ViaTV video telephones - because absence may make the heart grow fonder, but looking into the eyes of the one you love is so much better…

Our first tale this week is of Twinkle and Timon, of Europa shard. In her choice to play on Europa shard, little did Twinkle know she’d embarked on an adventure that would lead her to friends from around the world - and to a special UO player in Denmark.

 My name is Twinkle of the Europa Shard. I am a 28-year old American woman and live in the Chicago area. I began playing on Europa the day the shard became public back in November or so of 1998. Twinkle is a very social, talkative UO Player, and since the Europa Shard is mainly comprised of European players, I quickly became friends with many people from The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden. I have even learned a lot of Dutch, German, and especially Danish. My best friends/guildmates on my shard mostly live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over a period of a few months, my Danish friends and I exchanged many phone calls.
My friendships with many of the European players became so strong that I decided to take my first ever trip to Europe during the summer of 1999. While in Denmark, I had the opportunity to “live with” about 20 different Europa Players ranging in age from 14 to 35, and I had the time of my life! I had been quite anxious to meet all of my Europa friends, but one player in particular, Timon, had intrigued me very much. He was the one I was most curious about and excited to meet. It was thinking about meeting him that brought butterflies to my stomach.

When I arrived at an Internet cafe to meet him, I was immediately lost in his beautiful blue eyes. I stood there in awe of this very tall, athletically built, handsome man who looked at me with his magnetic blue eyes. I could feel that he felt a similar sensation when he first laid eyes on me. As my plan while in Denmark was to spend as much time as possible with all of my friends there, Timon and I only spent a small portion of my time there alone. But that time alone with him was so very precious. August 4, 1999 was a very sad day for me: the day I left Denmark, and left the man I had fallen in love with.

When I got back to the States, I realized that I just had to get back to Denmark as soon as possible to see Timon again. And I did that; I went back there for 4 days over my birthday weekend and had 4 days filled with love. I left with a beautiful gold necklace around my neck that bore a gold heart hanging from it with the inscription, “To My Love”. Even though he and I are about 4200 miles apart, he is with me always in that gold heart around my neck.

I went back to Denmark for the third time for one week over Christmas holiday, and was there to celebrate the New Year with him. That was an experience I will never forget. Timon and I have spent many, many hours on the phone, and it’s the sound of his voice that makes me feel… not quite so far away from him. Spring break is coming in about 8 weeks, which happens to be his birthday, and my plans are to be back in Denmark for one week to be with my love.

If all goes as planned, he will visit me in Chicago this summer for the first time. That will be the big “test”, because if he feels he will “fit in” and feel comfortable here in Chicago, we will start the visa application process to enable him to move here, marry me, and stay here. That visa process could take up to one whole year or more, which certainly will be hard for us both. But, in the meantime, we have an amazing cyber world known as UO, where our characters can spend time together and somehow help us to feel not so far apart.

Thank you OSI for providing me with the Europa Shard to play on, for allowing people from all over the world to make life-lasting friendships, and most of all, for connecting me with that player named Timon, who became the love of my life, and if things go as planned, my future husband!


Twinkles, Europa Shard

Just as they might have been lost to each other forever, Flint and Tessa’s passing acquaintance on Lake Superior shard began to grown into love. The couple were married within Ultima Online in a beautiful ceremony… that resulted in a very unique proposal.

How did it begin, well, “simply” is how it all began.
We met well over a year ago at one of DENNAR’s famous island dinner parties. She was with someone else back then but even so I noticed her. Shy and quiet she watched more than she participated. An impression was made from both sides that day.

Over a period of a year we occasionally crossed paths. She had a house on the same island as I, you see, and we had several common friends. Occasionally she would call for a little help or a bit of advice and, as with all people, I would make time for her and help as I could. Little did I know that this mysterious woman was impressed by these small gestures that I made as part of my code of “Honor” - or that she would one day act on them in such an unusual way.

At this point the story becomes very much a two-sided affair. I will explain.

In the fall of last year I was fast approaching my retirement after twenty years in the U.S. Navy and had made the decision that when I left the service in November I would also leave the world of Ultima Online for good. Tess heard of my decision from a mutual friend and decided that she must act or lose her chance. I received a pigeon from her stating that she would like to meet Flint at my two-story and that there was something important to be discussed. I agreed and set a time.

Upon arriving she explained to me that DENNAR had informed her of my decision to leave the land for all time and she felt that I had one more task to accomplish before I could go. It was a common running joke among my friends that I would always be single both in the game and in real life, having already survived my thirty-eight years of age without ever being married. She knew of this and decided that that this condition had to end. At this point she proposed to me. Quite simply she said, “Will you marry me?” I was floored. You see I did not hear Tess asking Flint to marry her I heard her asking me to marry her. This led to an all-night conversation between the two of us, speaking of our impressions of each other as people and developing into much more than just an passing friendship.

Over the next two weeks we spent almost all of our considerable online time together, mostly just talking. Finally not being able to stand it any longer I bought her an airline ticket and flew her from Indiana out to where I was living in Washington State. We spent a glorious nine days together and made the commitment to carry our relationship on to the next level by moving her up to live with me when I moved back to Minnesota, the place I will always call home.

Now you would think that this would be the end of the story and that a happily ever after was due.

Not so, at least not yet. Flint and Tess did marry and it was a glorious affair. The ceremony was performed in Serpents Hold in the big open hall there and it went off very well indeed. At the end of the ceremony, with fireworks going off all around I turned to her and said, “I love you with all my heart Debra, will you marry me for real?” Well, this drew many gasps from my friends and I stood there waiting but there was no response for a long, long while til finally she turned to me and said simply “YES!” It seems that there was so much going on that she was sitting scrolling through her journal and it took her quite a while to get to my question. It was a moment I’ll not soon forget.

I did move back to Minnesota but my plans at a quick job and finding a place to live where much delayed. She and I still spent much time together online and on the phone but our spirits were flagging with the disappointment of all our time spent apart. Then my real life brother Ron (who also plays UO) stepped in with nothing short of the greatest gift I’ve ever received. He flew Deb and her daughter Lyndsey up to spend Christmas with us. Saying goodbye a second time was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but I’m happy to say that shortly afterward I got that job I was looking for and found the perfect home for us to start our lives together in. It will still be the end of February before we are together but there is now a clear light at the end of our tunnel.

As for Flint and Tess, well, we are anxiously awaiting the name change deeds, as she would like to take Flint’s surname as her own to be known as Tess FireForge. We have a vendor mall just west of the gates to Cove on the Lake Superior shard.

And you didn’t believe in “Love at First Sight” or “Happily Ever After”.

Shame on you!

- Flint FireForge
Gm Smith and Tinker
Lake Superior

Our congratulations and best wishes go out to this pair of lucky couples who found love in Ultima Online - and to all the couples out there who have found love among the hills and valleys of Britannia!

Please visit next week when we share with you tales of first love, that special love that comes but once in a lifetime. We enjoy hearing your tales of adventure, excitement, and love, and will continue to share your stories as long as you wish to tell them. Don’t forget to keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight topics!

Published: October 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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