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A Sacrificing Knight
In this week's spotlight, Arhaniel finds a creature worth redeeming amidst the chaos of battle. As a Knight of Sacrifice, his duty is clear.

"Bats always exuded a vivacious energy whenever she was near that could be felt like ripples, not as in a pond but as silk through the air. Her eyes looked into mine. 'Arhaniel, I must travel to Yew. A messenger is soon to arrive by boat and I wish to be there personally.' I wasn't much into politics and Bats knew this. I smiled, knowing that an offer, either way, was being given. 'I know how much you like these things.' Her sarcasm was always enjoyable.
"Bats followed my eyes as I glanced over at a particular chest. 'You know, there are those liches making themselves at home in the forest near Yew. Your favorite silver sword could use a little action.' She walked to the chest and opened it. 'I could meet you there after I've finished.'

"Standing, I moved to the chest and peered inside. 'I could still do the public thing if I turned up towards the end.'

"'Good plan, I'll see you there,' replied Bats just before her recall spell sounded through the air.

"I picked up the broadsword and admired the strength of the silver blade. Magic practically glowed from the metal. It was indestructible and its vanquishing strength was given support with eminent accuracy. Many vile undead creatures have perished from its sharp edge. Sheathing the sword, I prepared to leave, and then spoke the words: 'Kal Ort Por.'

"As I was traveling down the road, heading away from Yew, I suddenly felt my horse jerk beneath me. With each step he took, I sensed his nervousness increase. Liches were close. 'Easy boy,' I whispered as I armed myself. Laughter, maniacal in tone, barely made it to my ears when I heard another horse galloping toward me at full stride. An elven archer broke through the trees, poisoned and looking for a little bit of distance to cast Cure and Heal. The psychotic laughter pursued him relentlessly. Two liches, their intent obvious, were too hell-bent on their target to pay me any attention. I took the opportunity to slow the fastest moving one down with a direct hit, giving the elf a little extra space and time. As they all moved away, another lich emerged from behind a tree. A dangerous smile played about its lips.

"I didn't give it a chance to draw first blood and had hit it twice before I resisted its first spell, a Flamestrike. The lich's eyes grew darker with intense hatred, and it directed a physical blow as I applied bandages to my wounds. I parried most of its strength away from me as it attacked and received minimal damage. Its anger and hatred was only fed by its pain. It screamed hideously as an Energy Bolt shot from its outstretched, skeletal hand. It was quickly followed by a poison spell, but thankfully I'd consumed some herbal orange leaves and my immunity had already absorbed the poison. With a mighty blow from my sword, it fell to the ground, its insane laughter fading to a dreadful gurgling sound. But as it fell, it wasn't its hatred or wickedness that entered my heart, but the pain that fueled them both--an unquenchable thirst that only a soul of the undead caught between realms could know.

"I follow the virtue of Sacrifice and even though I've learned the mysteries of self resurrection, it is not the benefits I embrace but the virtue itself. My thoughts were deep as I heard the chilling laughter again. A lich appeared from behind some bushes, evil glowing darkly within its eyes as they met my own. I held its gaze, but then something happened: I saw its soul and it saw mine. Its soul recognized that I paid no heed to the hatred and that my lack of fear was not from dominance but from respect. I could sense that the soul within the lich 'almost' realized this.

"I tried 'talking' to it with my soul, not allowing hatred to participate. 'My Glorious title traps me. It gives measurement to my light. Your hatred traps you. It gives measurement to your pain. My measurement is a restriction, as is yours. Both are cages! I will give some of my light if you give some of your pain.' The lich still despised everything and kept moving towards me, but I saw a light begin to grow--a revelation trying to take hold. Suddenly, realization dawned on the creature and our eyes met again, but this time I saw freedom. As the soul moved from this realm, the peace I saw was pure. It is the only benefit a Knight of Sacrifice would ever truly welcome."

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Published: January 2003
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