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The Hunt
"This report is as it was seen through the eyes of a lowly mage, named Maximus Boris. It is by no means an accurate account of the true valor, honor, and courage shown by the people who answered the call to help save Britain from the demon horde. And to all those whose names I have not mentioned, please forgive this, but in time and on more hunts, I hope to come to know you better.

"The sun was setting as we waited outside the Britain bank in Trammel. Men and women, all intent on one thing, swarmed around the area, their voices becoming an increasing buzz of noise as we awaited the order to seek out evil and destroy it. The hunt was about to begin! Hunt Master Skewer called us over, and I watched as he spoke the magic words; we walked through the shimmering blue gate that appeared and exited near Dungeon Despise. Once there, more and more people joined our group, until we were quite a force to be reckoned with. I was feeling very confident, as around me were Grandmasters of all types: Mages, Paladins, and Tamers, just to name a few. We even had a dragon watching over us! Orders were given and we teamed up. As one, we moved off into the depths of Despise.

"I had seen this a few times before--small groups of warriors banding together to battle the foul creatures that spawn in Despise and slaying them with relative ease. The bodies of these beasts littered the floor and left a trail for anybody who was lagging behind to follow. As we penetrated deeper into the dungeon, the battles became fiercer; but with the force we had, they were no match for us and were soon overcome! The Titans fared no better and our diligent attacks brought them down to the cheers of all. It was at this point that we lost Caladarr, whose trusty 'steed' had broken down (his computer decided to spit it), so I stayed beside his body, ready to make him invisible should the need arise. We lost contact with the main group, but I wasn't too worried. They had slain many beasts in this area, and I was sure that the monsters would not return for a good few minutes yet.

"As the main group continued into the dungeon, Caladarr's shadow left the dungeon. At that very moment, a Titan decided to attack me. Shivers raced down my spine as I watched this monster come at me. I spurred my beetle into a gallop, and away we went to safety. I had totally lost the main group by now, so I Recalled to Britain bank and met up with Caladarr and Master Skewer there. They said we were going to Dungeon Doom. Now, I had never been to Doom, but had heard nasty stories of the horrors that could be waiting for us. I was also told that the main group was already there, battling the filth that lurked within the evil place! So, at least I wouldn't die alone.

"We gated to Doom, and without hesitation, we descended into the darkness. We entered a huge cavern containing small annoying flying creatures, which I believed to be vampire bats. My friends had no trouble dealing with them, and yet I, as a mage, did not fare so well. I saw this as a bad omen! Messages were sent, and a guide was dispatched from the main group to bring us in. As we waited, more monsters came at us, but were dispatched with ease. Then, from the darkness came a Devourer of Souls, its horrific teeth dripped saliva as its hideous form ambled towards us. With a cry, Caladarr and Master Skewer leapt at the beast and cut it down, to my surprise, in very short order!

"Fighting his way out through the horde, Satan's Twin met up with us and led us to the main group, which had by then quelled another surge of attacking creatures. The sight that met my eyes was one of wonder; all over were the shattered remains of some kind of skeletal attack force--broken bones littered the floor. As I stared on in fascination, another set of skeleton warriors were cut down by the score. I snapped out of my dazed state, cast blade spirits into the central mass of the melee, and watched with grim satisfaction as they destroyed one of the foul beasts. And then the scene became one of total chaos. Men and women were forced to run and fight in smaller groups. I watched in horror as Master Skewer was hemmed in by at least five skeletons. His mighty steed remained under total control and did not panic as he destroyed one foe and then another with huge swipes of his blade. Satan's Twin and Caladarr stood toe to toe with these monsters, hacking, slashing, and carving them into bone meal as more and more poured out from the shadows! As quickly as I could, I cast healing spells and blade spirits to assist, but I knew that the tide of battle was changing and that only the mightiest of warriors had any hope of escaping this alive.

"Then, it came at me-a huge monster of a skeleton plowed through the mass of human and demon spawn remains and swept aside the warriors that stood in its path, as if they were silken threads on the wind. As I stared in disbelief, the bone daemon's arms reached out for me and would have, I am sure, crushed the life from my frail body if I had not taken action. My friends were being overwhelmed at the same time. Master Skewer had succumbed to the masses and so had Satan's Twin; their ghostly forms ran from the battle to be resurrected. Caladarr was still fighting bravely, as was a fair maiden, who was an obvious Master; she left death in her wake as she rode through the hell spawn. Others, too, were fighting around me, but none were near enough to assist with the demon, so there was only one option left--run away! I fled up the passageway, only to meet two more skeletons. With nowhere to go and the demon on my rear, I crossed my chest and prayed to our blessed father--and then all was dark.

"I heard that Caladarr fell that night, as did many others. I also heard that five brave souls remained and fought on, so that many could escape. To these brave few, we owe a debt. Perhaps we will find their ghosts when next we track to Doom, for I am sure none could have survived this night."

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Published: June 2003
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