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The Dangerous Dungeon Doom
Follow Swash and his fellow adventurers as they dare to take on the challenges of Dungeon Doom.

"My three friends and I just came back from Doom. We were battered, scratched, and had just died only moments ago, but we were happy. We had spent five hours in the hardest dungeon known to UO. Let me tell you our tale.

"I was relaxing near the bank when I heard a strange call. A man was looking for brave souls to go adventuring with him in Doom. He already had three people with him--I was the fourth. The first group failed. I should have known that the four of us were no match for Doom. We went in and died, but I was determined not to give up. It was too early for that.

"I organized another party with three of the toughest souls UO has ever seen. We had to fight our way the entire journey and died a few times to get to the ferryman. Along the way, we had to kill an army of creatures, including: lost souls, liches, lich lords, devourers of souls, ravagers, and even a skeletal dragon. You see, when we got there, I accidentally rang the Bell of the Dead and summoned a skeletal dragon. After it was dead, we found out we needed a golden skull in order to cross. Luckily my friend, MaN WitH a BoOk, just happened to have one on hand.

"After we made it across the lake, we found Armarus the Dark Father waiting for us. This beast was tough! About ten deaths and two hours later our paladin, Rebel Jedi, had to leave. He logged out dead in Doom! Since he was our leader, we were a bit handicapped by his departure. Three people are no match for the Dark Father. We were about to give up. I was out of reagents, and we were all out of bandages. And none of us had managed to get an artifact yet.

"Just when we were about to turn around and head home, a bard and a warrior showed up. They had done this before and were happy to assist us in our fight against Armarus. Everyone teleported onto the boat and waited while the warrior stayed on land and led the Dark Father to us. We stood there and healed the warrior as he fought this incredible foe with amazing speed and agility. It was going well until one of us hit the Dark Father with a spell. He threw a pile of bones at us, which turned into a lich lord. As we had limited room in which to move, the undead minion defeated all of us. Consequently, without the help of our healing, the warrior died as well. So, there we were, stuck on the boat with no one to resurrect us. And that accursed Lich Lord remained on the boat as well, ready to kill us should we be revived. We all had to use the mystical powers of the 'Help' key to escape.

"We may have lost everything, died ten times, and never even caught a glimpse of an artifact, but we were happy. We all had a great new adventure, and that is all that truly matters."

Noble Paladin

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Published: August 2003
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