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Minax Uniting Orc Tribes?
Britannian scouts confirm that the two large orc tribes, one near Yew and the other near Cove, continue meeting and collectively plotting against all of Britannia.

Orcs of both tribes have grown more belligerent and threatening. They have confronted emissaries of numerous Sosarian interest groups several times over the past week — with fatal results for all parties.

Rumors have begun to circulate about these tribes preparing to merge into one, larger orc tribe, and there are indications that Minax has been guiding their progress as their “Dark Queen.”

The royal “travel advisory” warning remains in effect for all of Britannia. Citizens are asked to journey through the wilderness only when necessary, and to avoid confronting orcs on any occasions. Stay tuned to the Britannia News Network as the situation develops.

Published: September 2003
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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