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Mysterious Figure Sighted in Moonglow
The city of Moonglow continues to recuperate after a series of devastating attacks from the monstrous forces of Minax. The Commander of the Royal Britannian Guard has ordered his troops in Moonglow to remain in high alert while the city struggles to rebuild.

Lord British has issued a warrant for the arrest of a mysterious figure last seen in the Moonglow area. This person claims to be an envoy of the Council of Mages and has confronted local citizens on several occasions with questions regarding the extent of the damage done to the town, only to run away when the local constabulary approaches the scene. The Council of Mages has officially stated that they have sent no such representative to Verity Isle.

Citizens are asked by the ruling council of Britannia to consider this person dangerous, and to contact the local Royal Guard detachment if sighted.

Stay tuned to BNN for more news as the situation continues to develop.

Published: October 2003
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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