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Catching Up on Current Events
The recent past has been troubling for the peoples of fair Sosaria. Lord British has returned to guide Britannia through the Age of Darkness. Minax, an old foe thought long since vanquished, has also returned—with torment and murder following in her wake. Rumors of yet an older evil have been stirring as of yet, no one knows of their place in this ongoing war.

After a long absence, Lord British returned to Britannia. While the reason for his departure and task have not yet been revealed by the King, it is suspected by the members of his Council to be something of extreme import. The King embraces the philosophy of the Virtues, so it can be assured that the welfare of the citizens of Britannia is at the forefront of his mission.

To assist with the governance of the Realm and protect the citizens, Lord British has created the post of Commander of the Royal Britannian Guard. The Commander is a visible presence to the citizens and active member in the Royal Council.

Not long after the role of Commander was filled, there were rumors of evil coming from the facet of Felucca. Minax was gathering forces and forging alliances against the King. Two of the world’s orc tribes banded together, pledging their support to Minax and paying her a tribute of gold. In return, Minax sent a cache of weapons to the orc tribes. By the valiant efforts of loyal citizens and the Commander, both missions were foiled. However, Minax was not finished.

Striking with surprise and ruthlessness, Minax gathered massive orc hordes and assaulted towns loyal to the king—Skara Brae, Vesper, Minoc and others. However, her main attack fell upon Moonglow. While she was not as successful as her historic Siege of Trinsic, the damage and death her forces wreaked upon the town was frightful.

To counter the threat of Minax and her minions, Lord British called out to citizens to enlist in the Royal Guard. Response to his decree was overwhelming, straining the resources of the Kingdom to provide the necessary cloth for sashes and providing many a sleepless night to the Royal tailors who were making the sashes. It has been rare to see so much patriotism on the part of the citizens.

It was about this time that a strange figure was seen skulking about the town of Moonglow. This wizard, Ramuz by name, is accused of murdering a family, taking their home, and was frequently seen assessing the damage done to Moonglow by Minax’s forces. It wasn’t until Ramuz was detained and interrogated that the truth came out. He was not a simple mage as his disguise suggested; rather, he was an agent of the Shadowlords. Ramuz tried to exchange information for his release, but he was taken to jail to await trial.

Ramuz was jailed for only a short time before his dependence upon the providence of the Shadowlords became apparent. In the three days that he was jailed, he went from a strong and hale man to a sickly shadow of the man he was. In an effort to again barter freedom, he told of a meeting between Minax and her generals. The Royal Guard was able to use this information to successfully disrupt this meeting, although Minax escaped.

There was the rumor of a second meeting when disaster struck the Royal Guard. What was thought to be another meeting between Minax and her generals turned out to be a trap. In conjunction with the deadly venom of a large spider, Keeonean cast a spell that poisoned the Commander with a toxin so virulent that it is immune to the normal curative means. It was only through the efforts of Sir Geoffrey, Captain of the Royal Guard, and a small band of Guardsmen that the Commander was saved from death.

Clainin, Royal Mage of Britannia, was summoned to work on a cure for the Commander. He led the Royal Guard in the recovery of strange and rare reagents. Clainin has since retreated to his alchemic lab, where he continues to work on a combination of spell and potion to cure the Commander.

Published: October 2003
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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