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Royal Guard Bargains with Mysterious Stranger
The Commander of the Royal Britannian Guard has been in poor health, the victim of a poison at the hands of Minaxians. All of the early attempts to cure the Commander failed, including several by Clainin, royal mage of the court. However, all was not lost, and hope appeared to the Commander in the form of a mysterious man named Odric.

Ordric appeared in the Chamber of Virtue when the last attempt failed—a failure so dramatic that it seemed Clainin believed no more attempts were possible. Self-assured, the stranger promised a complete cure—provided he was granted one, unnamed favor, to be detailed at a later date.

After some preparation, all parties involved—including some of the Royal Guard, a scattering of loyal citizens of Britannia, and myself—met within the exalted throne room of Castle British. Odric revealed the terms of his bargain: in exchange for helping cure the Commander, he required the return of heirlooms currently in the possession of the Minaxians.

Odric explained that, years ago, he and his family lived in Trinsic. He was visiting Moonglow when Minax besieged the City of Honor. Tragically, his family was killed during the siege. A set of family heirlooms was taken by the Minaxians—heirlooms that mean little to anyone else but are precious to Odric.

The stranger’s plea was compelling, and Royal Guard agreed to help him recover his precious heirlooms. With that, Odric revealed a potion, which he gave to Clainin. After a moment to study the tincture, Clainin had the Commander drink it. Within short order, the Commander was cured!

The royal mage and Odric retired to another room to discuss the details of recovering the items from the Minaxians, but this reporter believes you won’t have to wait too long before also hearing those details. Stay tuned to the Britannia News Network!

Published: November 2003
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