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Mysterious Mage Turns Tables on Minax
An enigmatic mage named Odric recently cured the Commander of the Royal Britannian Knights, but in exchange the Royal Knights were required to recover Odric’s family heirlooms that were stolen by Minax, the Dark Mistress.

Town criers across Sosaria summoned Royal Guardsmen to the Commander’s side. Details of the plan were quickly discussed and the Royal Guard was sent into action.

Sir Geoffrey, Captain of the Royal Guard, led a strike team against the Orc Fort of Yew. Kor’bak, orc chieftain and servant of Minax, led his minions against the forces of good. In short order, Minax herself appeared on the scene and the battle escalated. Sir Geoffrey’s guardsmen persevered, however, and Kor’bak was soon slain.

A small group of messengers secretly rushed back to the Commander and a second strike team. The signal was given to launch the second stage of the attack—this one against Minax’s home in the Hedge Maze. The Commander had planned to break into Minax’s home while she was engaged in the Yew battle, and steal back the heirlooms from that home.

While the Yew conflict raged on, the Commander’s team assaulted the Hedge Maze and quickly located Odric’s heirlooms, a necklace and a pair of earrings, each with a glowing gem mounted within. Having completed their task, the Royal Guard evacuated to the original meeting location and awaited the return of Sir Geoffrey’s group.

Somehow, Minax sensed the incursion into her home. Simultaneous to the recovery of the heirlooms, she announced that her house had been violated and left to assess the damage. The Royal Guard had succeeded, and the battle in Yew was won. Sir Geoffrey’s strike team returned to meet with the Commander and his group.

Odric thanked the Commander and the Royal Guard for their services and stated that their bargain was now concluded. Before leaving, the mysterious mage hinted that he might have more information regarding Minax’s movements, but that a new bargain would need to be struck to pass that information along. When the time came for such a bargain, he would return.

Published: November 2003
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