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Minax Hunted, Keeonean Captured
Once again, the Town Criers rallied the Royal Britannian Guard to their Commander. The enigmatic mage named Odric had returned and shared more secret information about Minax and her whereabouts. The Commander was determined to take this opportunity to strike at Minax, while her forces are weakened from the last battle.

Odric refused to give the exact details, but did assist the battle group by casting a Gate to the hidden valley west of Trinsic. The Royal Guard filed in and quickly mobilized once on the other side of the Gate.

The battle began quickly, as Minax and her allies were discovered within the hidden valley. Taken unawares, the forces of evil were no match for the Royal Guard. Minax, realizing the battle could not be won, attempted to make an escape. However, she was blocked—by Keeonean, her own general.

Keeonean ripped Mondain’s Embrace, a magical necklace, from Minax’s neck and retreated. Minax was momentarily stunned, but quickly recovered and completed her escape. The Royal Guard blocked the departure of the glassy-eyed General Keeonean and drove him toward Odric. The secretive mystic was somehow able to persuade Keeonean into giving him the necklace without further confrontation. The General was then captured by the Royal Guard.

General Keeonean currently resides within the jail of Yew. He waits to be tried for crimes against Britannia. Minax, the Dark Mistress, still remains at large.

Published: November 2003
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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